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  1. NoelCat

    rate V4 changes to usps.php for osc2.2

    Hi Jeff : Am I ADDING the above code somewhere, or replacing some that is already there ? I've been using OSC for over 10 years and almost never have to do any programming; so I'm not so good at it. For those of us who only need a very simplistic checkout system, OSC really fits the bill ! I see in my original usps.php file (from OSC2.2) that there is some similar language about halfway down so I'm guessing I might start replacing there; but cannot see a similar place to end the new code. Thanks for any input you could provide.
  2. NoelCat

    USPS International Shipping Trouble

    Yes, this problem also started for my site as of the new rates implementation on 14 May. Except that changing the current OSC code doesn't seem to do anything when the rates are actually being accessed from the USPS website. Maybe the problem is there ? I've tried several 'fixes' and deletions with no improvement at all.