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  1. Here's a new one... Just moved to a new location that didn't have landline based internet. OK so I ordered Satellite internet "Exede Internet" Works great with the exception of about 700ms ping and latency. Nonetheless, I have developed a problem within ORDER EDITOR, that if you manage any input or create an order or change the status of an existing order, the order becomes blank and doesn't exist. When looking at the dbase entry using WebAdmin all data is missing on the order except for the order number. I thought I had been hacked but also realized it was the first time using it since Satellite internet. Took my laptop to landbased internet source and the admin order editor works perfect. Only through the Satellite do I have problems... What in the world? Any suggestions?
  2. Gadgetbubba

    Problems with AMEX cards... US store

    I have recently had a customer that tried to pay with AMEX card and was denied /rejected confirmation. He tried this twice to no avail... So he then tried his Visa and it worked fine. No problem... When he called AMEX to find out what the deal was... they told him there was two identical charges on his card from my store. When I checked my paypal account, those payments do not exist. What do you think? Brandon Hite
  3. Gadgetbubba

    Illegal mix of collations

    OK, it's the same as all the rest of the tables..... What should it be? Thanks...
  4. Gadgetbubba

    Illegal mix of collations

    Hope somebody can help... Payment module is working in Sandbox and actually processing transaction without confirmation because I get the follwing eror. 1267 - Illegal mix of collations (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation 'concat' update orders_status_history set comments = concat(if(trim(comments) != '', concat(trim(comments), ' '), ''), 'Transaction ID: 6SC80464M0355435C Payment Type: PayPal Direct Payment Payment Status: Completed AVS Code: Exact match Address and nine-digit ZIP code CVV2 Code: Match CVV2') where orders_id = 1 [TEP STOP] Error in my_thread_global_end(): 1 threads didn't exit I have checked my tables with phpmyadmin and everything is the same. I even ran the folowing from the mysql command line.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks in advance
  5. Gadgetbubba

    No such file or Directory Error

    I think this contribution is great.. Thanks.. And almost working for me.... Although, I get the following error after confirming my payment info.... Please help.... Any ideas? Thanks.....