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  1. Baronnn

    STS and Header Tags Controller

    I am having the same problem with the STS and HTC. In the source code of a single page, the Title and the Meta description are used as provided in the HTC-fields from the admin. However, in both Google and the top of the browser the 'default' value is shown. See for example: http://www.pokerspecialist.net/store/index.php?cPath=24 Anyone an idea how to get the last step right?
  2. Baronnn

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    We are selling products in several countries. The shipping costs are put in the admin and now we want to put the estimated shipping costs in the shopping cart (instead of in the column). Therefor I copied the 'box' not in the column_right but in the shipping_cart. Unfortunately only the shipping costs for one country are shown (and selecting another one is not changing). Where in OsC can we solve this?
  3. Baronnn

    fast easy checkout

    I am using the FEC contribution and it works fine. Both the payment info and the shipping info are listed on the same page. Quite some customers want to pick up the goods in store and save the shipping costs. Therefor I added that as an option, and paying cash as well. I was recommended to install the contribution Ship2Pay in order to have the cash option only available when people pick up the products. I implemented Ship2Pay but I cannot get it working correctly in FEC. Does anyone else have experience with this?
  4. Baronnn

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    I have one more problem. When I add a product to the cart and when I click on "continue shopping" or just go to a product group, my shopping carts empties again. Which part of the code should I have a look at for this to solve?
  5. Baronnn

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Hello, I am quite new to PHP and OsCommerce, but I thought to 'plunge in and find out what I could do'. I installed this great contribution (number one reason in the Netherlands to quit shopping is not knowing what the extra costs are!) and also the contribution about the Ajax Shopping cart (great one too!). Now my question is: when I change the quantity in the shopping cart, ajax dynamically changes the amount of products picked and the total costs. However, the estimated shipping costs remain the same (if I order one product or one thousand). How can I change the estimated shipping costs, so that it also changes when the quantities in the shopping cart change? Thanks!
  6. Baronnn

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    I have the same one. Next to that I have one more question. I am quite new to OsCommerce and PHP, but when checking for contributions, I felt like this to be a 'must have'. It gives a very professional image to the webshop. My question is: I am having three languages in my shop. How can I adjust the "Are you sure you want to remove this item from your shopping cart?" to show for the language that has been selected instead of the plain English one? Thanks!