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  1. Hi Mike,

    I am using your internetsecure contribution. If a customer is using CCGV we found the original total is being passed to internetsecure instead of the discounted price. Is there a fix around this?

    Thank you,


  2. h2woo

    Simple Visitor Newsletter

    This is a welcome contribution. I am going to have it installed and check it out. Richie
  3. h2woo

    Help Me Please

    strider provided with me the patch below but he was unsure of the some of the wording. The process string seems to work but it is always showing a zero discount amount. I would be willing to pay if someone could get this working for me. thank you.
  4. h2woo

    Help with InternetSecure installation

    robert, if you look carefully in the modules under admin you will see it listed as "credit card" (you should have 2 - one is the original provided with OSC), the other is your internetsecure module. try it. richie
  5. can anyone post or send me some screen shots of this mod? i've been researching easy discount, ccgv, and the contribution of this thread. so far this one seems to be a solid choice with good support. TIA richie
  6. joeri, is there a way i can work this mod to show descriptions for the manufacturers?
  7. joeri, i just installed 5.0 over version 4.0. everything runs great. i have another site that i would like to add this contribution to. do i need version 4.0 first or can i just go ahead with 5.0? also in the 5.0 instructions there is this listing under contents: 4. New File: admin/includes/functions/categories_description.php is this a file missing from the package or should it be deleted from the listing. i never came across this file with both installs. TIA richie