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  1. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Make sure that everything is set correctly under "configuration/Shipping & Packaging/" make sure the following are set correctly: Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship..... Package Tare weight..... Larger packages - percentage increase..... It sounds like you have values entered here or at least the wrong values. Also, i will no longer provide forum support for this or any of my contributions under this user name "billythekid", I will close this accout and strickly use my "nezah.net" account. I will still provide support and answer questions as best and often as i can, but only under username "nezah.net" Jorge Suarez
  2. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    If you are familiar with the zone defining in the zone base, i don't see why it should not work. However, eveyhing must be done right. As far as the "The Shipping Rate can not be calculated at this time" message. I really seems that you have another module enabled, but not configured. That error is not an output of the module, so either you have a misconfigured module or you have some corrution with your oscommerce installation.
  3. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    This is seems like you have another module misconfigured. This error is not being displayed but my Regions Based Rates shipping module. Maybe you have a UPS module installed and misconfigured. I also see that your are entering city names in the zone fields. Because cities are not defined in the zones base, cities cannot be supported. You have to entere States and/or Countries.
  4. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    hmmm, I would love to help you, but you are giving too little to go by. Are you getting any error or strange screens? Maybe you can post a screenshop here. Thanks!!!
  5. billythekid

    Help the Newbie :D

    Read the readme file. The answered is there.
  6. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Read the readme.txt file. The asnwer is there and has been answered lots of times here.
  7. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Its sounds like you have a value for the "Package Tare weight" option. Go to Administration -> Configuration -> Shipping/Packcaging -> and set "Package Tare weight" to 0. For some reason its defaulted to 3. Let me know if this helps. Jorge Suarez
  8. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    I have gone through this message thread, the official thread for the regions based rates shipping module, and have takeb into considration the suggestions and feature requests people have for this already great shipping module. ..... ...........3 hours of programming later........... I have done it!!! This module now includes the freatures requested and suggested throught out this thread. ***You can download the new version (4.0) of the contribuion here, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,818 **I strongly suggest you read the readme file included in the zip, and which i have posted here below. State Based Rates Shipping Module ------------------------------------------ Target: osCommerce 2.2-CVS (with new checkout procedure) Version: 4.0 Release Date: 22 December 2004 License: GPL Author: Jorge Suarez billythekid_2000@hotmail.com TOC: Changes Installation Usage Features Limitations Contact Changes: ------------- 1. changed "per item" feature to "# of items." (x:y.yy), where "x" is the number of items and "y.yy" is the shipping fee to charge. 2. added "percentage" support. Lets you calculate shipping fee based on a percentage of the total price. (x.xx:y), where "x.xx" is the order price and "y" is the percentage (of the total price) to charge as the shipping fee to charge. The value of "y" needs to be entered as a number oly, DO NOT INCLUDE THE "%" SIGN 3. added "Tax Class" support. Lets you specify which tax class to use on the shipping fee. 4. added "sort_order" support. Lets you specify a sort order display during checkout. Installation: ------------- THIS MODULE CAN BE MODIFIED FURTHER, NEW MODULES CAN BE CREATED, AND/OR OTHER OSCOMMERCE MODIFICATIONS CAN BE MADE FOR A SMALL FEE. MY CONTACT INFO IN AT THE BUTTON OF PAGE This module does not overwrite any existing file. It is therefore safe to just copy the complete directory structure over your existing one. If your osCommerce installation does not have the default directory layout you will have to copy all the files to the appropriate places. Once the files are in place you should be able to switch the module on through Administration -> Modules -> Shipping -> Region Based Rates (green button) If you want to assign different States to the groups you can do so through the Admin. Be warned: Once the module is switched off again it will default to the original setup upon activation again. You will have to assign your groups / prices again. If you want to increase the number of regions after the module has been installed and enabled, your must: 1. Disabled the module 2. Edit the file 3. Re-enable the module. Usage: ------ This shipping module allows you to create groups of country states(regions) and assign a shipping price to such a region. A region can be composed of a single state/country or of any number of states/countries. A region can also contain states from multiple countries, and can contain a combination of countries and states. You have the choice to calculate the shipping cost based on the total price of the order or the total weight or on 3 of items of the order. Features: --------- 1..Regions can be composed of States and/or Countries. 2..Regions include any number states/countries (one or more). 3..Regions can include state of different countries. For example, you can have a region that included Texas and the northern States or Mexico. 4..Order weight, price, # of items, or percentage (of the total price) can be used to calculate shipping cost. 5..Any number of regions. 6..Handling fee can be added. Limitations: ------------ Address must include a state or country Contact ------- 1. If you have any questions/comments regarding this module please contact the author: 2. For Support, http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=29585&hl= 3. For donations please use donations@christians-r-us.com billythekid_2000@hotmail.com © 2002 by Jorge Suarez
  9. billythekid

    State Based Rates

    In the admin panel>modules>shipping
  10. billythekid

    Why can't I change this dropdown?

    Did you ever figured this out? ______________________________________________________________ I am trying to change the product name to either product model or product id or (preferably) to add either model or id to the dropdown that is drawn for adding new featured products, as it is very difficult to identify the desired product simply from the product name. The current dropdown shows -> Product Name (Price) Can anyone give me a hint on why changing the following references for "products_name" to either "products_id" or "products_model" don't cause the dropdown that is diplayed to show one of those fields when they are all being selected in the query? CODE <form name="new_feature" <?php echo 'action="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_FEATURED, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action', 'info', 'sID')) . 'action=' . $form_action, 'NONSSL') . '"'; ?> method="post"><?php if ($form_action == 'update') echo tep_draw_hidden_field('featured_id', $HTTP_GET_VARS['sID']); ?> <td><br><table border="1" bordercolor="green" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_FEATURED_PRODUCT; ?> </td> <td class="main"><?php echo ($sInfo->products_name) ? $sInfo->products_name : tep_draw_products_pull_down('products_name', 'style="font-size:10px"', $featured_array); echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_price', $sInfo->products_price); ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_FEATURED_EXPIRES_DATE; ?> </td> <td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_input_field('day', substr($sInfo->expires_date, 8, 2), 'size="2" maxlength="2" class="cal-TextBox"') . tep_draw_input_field('month', substr($sInfo->expires_date, 5, 2), 'size="2" maxlength="2" class="cal-TextBox"') . tep_draw_input_field('year', substr($sInfo->expires_date, 0, 4), 'size="4" maxlength="4" class="cal-TextBox"'); ?><a class="so-BtnLink" href="java script:calClick();return false;" onmouseover="calSwapImg('BTN_date', 'img_Date_OVER',true);" onmouseout="calSwapImg('BTN_date', 'img_Date_UP',true);" onclick="calSwapImg('BTN_date', 'img_Date_DOWN');showCalendar('new_feature','dteWhen','BTN_date');return false;"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'cal_date_up.gif', 'Calendar', '22', '17', 'align="absmiddle" name="BTN_date"'); ?></a></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> <tr> <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td class="main" align="right" valign="top"><br><?php echo (($form_action == 'insert') ? tep_image_submit('button_insert.gif', IMAGE_INSERT) : tep_image_submit('button_update.gif', IMAGE_UPDATE)). ' <a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_FEATURED, 'page=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['page'] . '&sID=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['sID']) . '">' . tep_image_button('button_cancel.gif', IMAGE_CANCEL) . '</a>'; ?></td> </tr> </table></td> </form>
  11. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    notsleepy, there is two places where shipping handling can be charnged. check the configuration setting of my module, and also chech: admin panel>configuration>shipping/packaging
  12. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    notsleepy, I think you are charging handling fee. check that!
  13. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    pisces69, I can seem to recreate your problem......are you entering the products weight in the products info form?
  14. billythekid

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    What appears? Does either of the tow appear fully...please give me a little more detail. What about in the checkout process, which appears there?
  15. billythekid

    State Based Rates - next version requests

    It should fine there too....the last version even supports country based regions. UK state are supported though.