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  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while since i've been here. Ok, I know that you can import datasheet from excel to oscommerce easily using easy populate and probably a lot of other contribution but my thing is that i want to do it the other way round. My problem is that I keep track of every sales (name, price, address, etc...) on a excel datasheet and find that it's time consuming. I want oscommerce to send all these information to my excel datasheet. Do any of you know of a contribution that would suit my needs or another way to work it out. I'm pretty sure that some of you have deal with the same problem in the past. Thanks Matt
  2. wadali_2000

    Exporting data FROM Oscommerce TO Excel

    I'll try this. thanks.
  3. wadali_2000

    Different boxes weight

    Yeah but what if someone order more than 1 item. The box itself is almost as heavy as the LP (vinyl disk). IE: if i have 4 lp of 300gr each and the box weight 250 it would mean normally a total weight of 1450gr with your suggestion it would means a total weight of 2200gr. Thanks Dunweb for your suggestion, if you or someone else have any other suggestion on how to resolve this that would be appreciated.
  4. wadali_2000

    Different boxes weight

    Hi everyone! First sorry my english is not the best, thanks. I have my site running for a few years now but there is that one question that keeps bugging me. I sell records and cd's so mailer for my cd weight (15-20 grams) and i have those mailer for the big LP (200 grams) The problem is that in "package tare weight " under shipping/packaging i had to put the lowest value which is (0.05Grams) and now everytime that i sell a LP it add only the weight of the small mailer and this result in me losing money in shipping. So my quesiton is - does someone have a better way to deal with "package tare weight" and what determines which ones a small/medium package or a large package. My head is about to explode Thanks
  5. wadali_2000

    Different boxes weight

    I still haven't found a solution to my problem. No one has a clue how to solve that?
  6. im facing a similar problem to this one i would also appreciate a solution. cheers