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  1. Hello I am an OsCommerce novice, just installed supertracker and things seem to work fine. However I do not see any results showing up in the report. For some reason I dpn't think the database is storing any information. Has anyone had this problem? I have now installed this twice with the same results. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks Nils Satterstrom
  2. satter9

    No Data Is Being Stored

    Sorry, this was meant to be posted in a particluar contribution support thread.
  3. Hello, I have just installed this contribution and things seem to work fine, however when I check the report, there are no entries. Somehow user's visits are not being stored in the database. Any Ideas? Most likely something small, but I am a novice with OsCommerce so I could be missing something important. Thanks Nils Satterstrom
  4. Hello, I need to be able to charge shipping based on the catagory the item is ordered from. I also need to be able to assign a shipping discount to an order when multiple items within a certain catagory are ordered. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Nils Satterstrom
  5. satter9

    Payment Modules will not Update

    Thanks! It works now. Appreciate the help.
  6. satter9

    Payment Modules will not Update

    Hello, I am trying to use Authorize.net. I can Install and remove the module, but now that I have my LogIn and Transaction Key I would like to edit the Information but it will not update. Has anyone had this Issue? Thanks Nils Satterstrom
  7. satter9

    Rookie Needs help with Authorize.net

    Thanks, it seems t be going smoothly so far, I appreciate the response!
  8. satter9

    Rookie Needs help with Authorize.net

    Hello I am a rookie at OsCommerce so this may be very basic to most of you. The gateway we have chosen is Authorize.net. In the admin section I can install and configure the Authorize.net payment, however, with all the info from the merchant account i do not know what information to use for User LogIn and "Transaction Key used for encrypting TP data" What kind of numbers am I looking for? It also seems that nothing is quite that simple and I know there has to be more to it so I am trying to find out about these things before I encounter them unexpectantly. Things like configuring other files or installing contributions are things that I am trying to find out about in advance. Is there a good link or can anyone offer a clear step by step set of instructions for using Authorize.net. Thanks Nils Satterstrom