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  1. Woolvey

    [Contribution] Register globals easy

    I am having a problem while testing this mod with my store. I have isolated the problem to the admin config setting of "Check Session ID= true". This mod changes sessions.php and makes the function that registers session variables set the variable to null. This seems to make the session id check in application_top fail and causes any SSL pages to redirect to ssl_check.php. If I set "Check Session ID=false", the problem goes away. Ideally I would like to leave the check session id feature turned on and I am confused as to the purpose of the "_SESSION($variable) = null" in sessions.php. Can someone please enlighten me as to the logic of this change and advise me if there is a workaround to my problem that would allow me to leave the check session id feature set? Thanks!!
  2. Woolvey

    Register Globals Support

    Are any of you that have applied the Register Globals mod using either the US PayPal WPP or Google Checkout mods successfully? My tests show that neither of these mods work with Register Globals disabled and I would prefer not to try to untangle variable usage in these mods if someone else can tell me what changes I should make. This topic is raised a couple of times earlier in this thread but the only stated conclusion seems to be to enable globals again. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!
  3. Are you (or is anyone) still working on completing this contribution? I like the approach used and it would be a pity not to make it usable. The last </td> in the code above should be a </tr>. That helps with the initial display but more code needs to be added around the item selection code. I'm fairly new to php so not the best person to try to fix it but I'd be happy to help test it...