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  1. pauladkins

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Sorry MindTwist - Before I did my post I did a search using the search function and didn't find anything. I hold my hands up to not reading the whole thread though, so sorry. Either way - thanks for letting me know the solution is in here I'll take a look. Cheers
  2. pauladkins

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Just spotted the comments above about specials - this works for me. Problem is I don't want the items in the featured products module to be specials... Has anyone found what is going on with the items only appearing in the featured products box if they are specials issue yet? Thanks
  3. pauladkins

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Hello All I wonder if anyone can tell me what is going on here: I've installed the Featured Products contrib and all is working well except the module isn't working. This is what I see on the home page: <td><!-- featured_products //--> <!-- featured_products_eof //--> </td> The commented out text comes from the featured products module but the rest of the code doesn't seem to run. All other aspects of the contrib work, the infobox and the Featured Products page. Any Ideas? Here's the site: http://justbattleforces.co.uk Cheers
  4. Problem fixed, it was clashing with the voucher contrib I installed
  5. Hello All I've installed ordercheck and it is working in general terms and if I can get it working perfectly it's going to really help. Basically if a user doesn't return to the site there is no problem, ordercheck picks the order up and I can move it to orders no problem. If a user does return to the site after paying by paypal only the top product appears on the invoice, this is a big problem as I assume (I don't know this for certain) that this info is also being sent to the user in their transactional e-mail. One extra bug is that the order appears upto 4 times in order check, although this is a secondary issue. Cheers Paul Adkins
  6. pauladkins

    Update OrderCheck v1.6b

    Hello All Does anyone know how to reduce the time the redirect page is displayed to about 1 second. I find the 3-4 second wait to long for my needs. All help is most appreciated. Cheers Paul
  7. pauladkins

    Contribution: Category Descriptions

    Hey thanks a lot, that seems to work. Mr Monkster sir... you are a genius. Cheers
  8. pauladkins

    Contribution: Category Descriptions

    I have the same problem as everyone else. Top categories work fine - sub-cats don't. Data enters my database and then isn't pulled out by index.php I've tried MPMD's fix and that didn't seem to work (although I'm not sure I understood the fix exactly). Anyone got any ideas on this one? Cheers
  9. pauladkins

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    Firstly great contrib - just what I was looking for. I've installed the contrib and all is working, there is one small bug however which doesn't stop the site working but is annoying none the less. Basically the URL in the address bar comes out strange when you click the links in the product descriptions, they carry the session ID but they look odd, best described in an example. A link I would expect to look like this: http://www.fasteronline.co.uk/Thule-thule-...2686edefa1fb0c7 In fact comes out like this: http://www.fasteronline.co.uk/admin/http:/...2686edefa1fb0c7 Adding http://www.fasteronline.co.uk/admin/ to the beginning. You can see the link toward the bottom of this page I am adding the link as instructed in the contrib, clicking insert link in the WYSIWYG editor (my client needs to use this) and in this case adding the link below: %%+Thule-thule-5451-roof-mount-single-wheel-carrier-p-2187.html%%- I'm guessing that there is some hard coded URL somewhere on the site that is causing this. Basically I inherited this site and when I checked I found loads of hard coded links and and other bugs (most of which are now fixed). Does anyone know what might bit of code might be causing this and where I might find it? Thanks Paul