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  1. ...and the subtotal (cost) of the items in the cart.
  2. Please post the fixed shipping module settings that you have defined.
  3. auctionblox

    Ebay Auction Manager Errors

    This is because there is one file in the contribution that REPLACES an existing file. Make sure that you replace this file, and the error will go away. I think the file is split_results.php or something like that.
  4. AuctionBlox version 2.0 available from the osCommerce downloads section can be used manually and only manually. There is no connection to the AuctionBlox or to eBay. It allows you to enter your eBay sales and then your buyer can checkout through your store and you can upsell other items. The included User's Guide details how to use the system manually. The newer version that you make mention of is not available from the osCommerce downloads section.
  5. Are you using your email address for testing purposes? If you also have "BCC email address" set to your email address, this will result in 2 emails. This is because you are sending an invoice to yourself as a buyer, and a copy of the invoice to yourself as the seller.
  6. You're right...I'll look to modify this for the next version. Thanks for the heads up! :)
  7. auctionblox

    Fixed Shipping

    No....It really has nothing to do with whether it is an eBay item or an osCommerce item. It's been a while since I looked at the logic, but I think what happens is that it uses the first item to determine the shipping amount and then uses the additional shipping amount *defined for each other item* as the additional shipping amount. There can of course be some additional logic in there to select the item with the largest shipping cost, but I think it currently just picks the first item in the shopping cart. As I mentioned before, the source is available, and should be simple to modify for your needs.
  8. auctionblox

    Fixed Shipping

    No, it charges shipping on the first item, and then the "additional_shipping" amount for each additional item. (Similar to how it works on eBay.)
  9. auctionblox

    Automated Auction Process

    For the record, that statement is not true. eBay Auction Manager was a contribution written entirely by me over a period of 10 months. So, please be courteous and give appropriate credit. Thank you.
  10. auctionblox

    Fixed Shipping

    Hi Troy, The problem is that fixed shipping does not take item attributes into account. Quite a few people use it in conjunction with Master Products (which simply creates a new product ID for a subordinate product). You might try that. Alternatively, modifying fixed shipping to take item attribute into account should not be difficult. I have long thought about making fixed shipping an independent contribution. It's just finding the time...
  11. This error is a configuration setting in your php.ini file. Almost all php installations allow pass by reference. You can use this contribution without subscription. If you wish to uninstall it, then you have to trace the install steps backwards.
  12. Yes, eBay Auction Manager supports all eBay listing types including eBay Stores, eBay Motors, fixed, dutch, chinese auctions ...
  13. The Fixed Shipping module that comes with this contribution allows you to specify fixed shipping charges for your store items as well. You can define domestic, domestic additional, global and global additional shipping charges for each item in your store. Then, you can select whether to offer this shipping method in the store and for auctions, or just for eBay auctions. It won't interfere with normal shipping modules if you disable this for store items.
  14. auctionblox

    Where to set my ebay account?

    True... There are 2 support forums listed in the EAM installation. You need to visit the other one for help with commercial services. The discussion of commercial services is not allowed in the osCommerce forums. HTH
  15. auctionblox

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    This has been discussed many times -- why pay eBay fees? Bottomline, people list on eBay to drive traffic to their site. There is no better marketing engine than eBay.