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    Officer Bob T.
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    Memphis, TN, USA..........ELVIS land
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    Crimefighting....keeping the peace....and then exploring my creativity on the net.
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  1. Yamsthreads

    Changing the template style

    Our live store, www.yamsthreads,com, is in a basic style. We have recently been looking at other OsC live shops with what appear to be either newer versions, or different templates. We like the flash in on some, and overall ease on others. Is there a way to change ours without losing all input catalogs, pics, etc.?
  2. Yamsthreads

    PayPal problem

    I have PayPal installed as a payment option, have the correct email address for payment, but the payment is not going through to PayPal. What could be wrong? The site is YamsThreads.com