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  1. deltablue

    EZ new fields v1.0

    Sorry to answer this late. The file you sent did not work. I am still having problems with the savings above $999.99.
  2. deltablue

    EZ new fields v1.0

    Carrerarod, For the novice, can you please publish the code that worked for you in resolving the price display of products above 999,99? Thanks in advance, Deltablue
  3. Hello All, I have installed the contribution very easily but I cannot upload images. I have the message "file'test.jpg' could not be created". Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance Deltablue
  4. Hello All, Is there a chance programing challenged people like myself will ever see a log of changes to apply to files "Replace (or Change)" instead of making a comparison? Thanks in advance