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  1. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1438 I wanted to have an average rating shown on the product info page, and couldn't find anything so, I hacked it together myself. Here's an example screenshot Enjoy Any feedback, questions, comments please post them here.
  2. Going_Digital

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    This is excelent, I'm just building a new MS2 installtion any ideas what needs to be done to get this to work on MS2 ?
  3. I guess the next step would be for mail sent to support@store.com to be collected by the ticket system.
  4. Did you find out from Protx if there are 2 transaction charges for uing PreAuth ?
  5. I know it's only 5p but as they say "take care of the pennies". The preauth does seem like a good option as it lets you clear most problems immidiatley rather than having to go back to the customer later to explain that their card details are incorrect or whatever.
  6. Thanks, I will take a closer look. A couple of questions you may know the answer to. If a preauth is performed does it last for just 24 hours ? Are you charged 2 transaction fees 1 for preauth onw for actual transaction ?
  7. thought about doing this a long time ago but never got around to doing it. I think I will take a look at what you have done as I want to create a way to authorize the transaction when I am ready to ship the order rather than at the point of entry by the customer.
  8. Going_Digital

    Date to European format 12/04/03

    Partly because Americans have to do everything different but probably more likley because American english is more literal. So because people like to say "March the twenty second" they started writing 03/22.
  9. You could modify the cheque module so your bank details are sent in the email.
  10. Going_Digital


    It's a virtual pdq terminal. http://www.protx.com/products/aboutvpdq.asp You can use the standard credit card payment module on osC and process the transactions manually. A bit of a chore but it will keep me going until I can get the VSP direct sorted.
  11. Going_Digital


    I intend to use the vPDQ untill I get it sorted.
  12. Going_Digital


    I am intending to use Protx as my card processor. I downloaded the contribution and it says install the extension provided by Protx. But the Protx documentation says Protx tell me that there is no extension for Apache/Linux. Anyone using this set-up? I don't mind working on some code but I'm not sure where to start.