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  1. Hi There I've just installed this add-on along with the Quick Price update add-on. The quick price add-on is working fine but the quick stock isn't working. It's there, but when I try to update the stock figure it just reverts back to the original stock amount. I've installed it twice just to make sure I didn't make a mistake, but the problem still persists. Any idea what I should look for? :huh: It's a fresh install with a template from badeziner (Greenmania) and the only other contrib I have added on so far is the "Header tags for novices" Please help. Thanks Shannon
  2. SA Bass

    Basic Blue Template

    Cool Thanks Toyicebear :thumbsup:
  3. SA Bass

    Basic Blue Template

    Thanks Toyicebear Would the contrib just overwrite the color changes I have made in stylesheet or is it going to confuse itself? And secondly about the backups, I'm kinda new to all this and need to know if I just use the backup function in the osCommerce admin manager, Is this sufficient or do I need to backup some other way and if so what do I use. Thanks
  4. SA Bass

    Basic Blue Template

    Hi Toyicebear I would like to try this contribution on my site, but I have a few questions first. I have made the following changes to the standard 2.2ms shop and would like to know if this skin will negatively affect my site in anyway? Changes made: 1. Added "Header Tags Controller" 2. Added additional credit card payment option not offered on the standard package 3. I have made color changes in the stylesheet (header boxes and so on). Other than these my site is standard. Thanks in advance. Shannon
  5. Hi Jack I reloaded the contribution after I figured out what I was doing wrong with the zip files and I got it working straight away. I just want to thank you for your help and the great contribution you have allowed us access to. THANK YOU :thumbsup:
  6. Hi Jack Like I said I was being a twit, I wasn't extracting the files out of the zip file properly and it wasn't showing me the sub-folders. So I'll try it again the proper way. >_< Just a quick question - I have not loaded any other contributions to my site but the site is already active and working, can I use the instalation from the catalog_for_new_shop_only? Thanks Shannon
  7. Geez I feel like a twit, but I'm gonna ask anyway. When you refer to the "one in the archive" do you mean the header_tags.php file that came in the header tags.zip file? If so that is the one I am using. Or is this "archive" you talk about somewhere else? :'( Thanks
  8. Hi Jack Me again, I seemed to have sorted out the header_tags.php to a point, but I am now getting the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /usr/www/users/sabass/catalog/includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 154 From what I can see line 154 is somewhere in the following lines: return $arg; //stripslashes($arg); } $storeArg = $arg2; //if this pointis reached, the update button was clicked $arg2 = addslashes($arg2); //so change the text if (($pos = strpos($line, "define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL'")) !== FALSE) { $pos .= strlen("define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL'") + 1; } else if (($pos = strpos($line, "define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL'")) I'm using notepad to copy and paste is this OK, I seem to remember seeing something about Notepad affecting the code? I'm sorry for all these probably very simple questions, but I am technologically challenged. :blink: Thanks
  9. Hi Jack I've been away for a few days and have just started to try this again. It seems I am having the similar problem as Paulined. When I add the header_tags.php file to the catalog/includes/function/header_tags.php I get the following error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare changeswitch() (previously declared in /usr/www/users/sabass/catalog/includes/functions/header_tags.php:12) in /usr/www/users/sabass/catalog/includes/header_tags.php on line 12 If I remove the file from the /function/header_tags.php the error goes away but it is obvioulsy not complete. What do I need to do to fix it? Is it correct to load the same header_tags.php file to both includes/functions/header_tags.php and to includes/header_tags.php? Thanks for all the help
  10. Thanks JACK MCS. Sorry I was having a blonde moment, >_< Is it alright to just add the header_tags.php in now or do I need to start over again? Thanks again for the help
  11. Hi Guys I'm new to all this so please bear with me. :blink: I am trying to load the header tags controller and I'm stuck I have uploaded the database_setup.php with success. I have now followed the Install_catalog instructions to the letter, but I am not getting the change that says I should see my index page with a new title of "home page". The instructions say that I should find out why this has not changed before continuing further. HELP! PLEASE! I have changed my permissions on the 2 header_tags.php files as instructed Is it normal at this stage for these 2 header_tags.php files to be empty? Thanks