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  1. resoman, check out a contribution called CCGV(trad)...i haven't tried it myself, but it sounds more like what you're looking for. as far as i know, DCC won't discount after calculating shipping (i could be wrong though), and whether or not you can legally discount after tax depends on where you are doing business from. for example, in california, we can't do that because it goes against our business laws, so we have to apply tax after the discount. anyway, i'm not sure how or if you can do it anyway, even if it is legal where you are. good luck, agra
  2. FOR ALL USERS OF MY SUBTOTALS BUG FIX: I've just uploaded an optional fix for those who use osC's table method for calculating shipping cost. If you've downloaded my previous bug fix and use the table method for calculating shipping costs, you MUST download this new fix as well. I've also made it a combo-fix for users who haven't already downloaded the previous fix. See the contribution page for more info: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4269 If you don't use the table method for calculating shipping costs, there is no need to install this new fix, and it could in fact cause more problems if you do.
  3. Attention all users experiencing problems with the discount being applied to the subtotal (and twice to the overall order) when the "Display subtotal with applied discount" option is set to false: Please see my bug fix on the contribution page - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4269 DO NOT message me about this fix. I made it for myself, and it works for me. I am only sharing it in hopes that it may help you too. If it does not work for you, simply uninstall it. I am not responsible for any problems that may arise from installing it. Good luck, Agra
  4. Hello everyone, I am one of the users of this contribution who is having problems with the order subtotal not being displayed properly. To recap, here's the problem: When the "Display subtotal with applied discount" option is set to false, the discount is STILL applied, and what's worse is that it is applied to the total again. So it gets applied twice. Both my order.php and checkout_confirmation.php files are identical to the ones in the latest release, so I know it wasn't a problem with the way the code was applied. If anyone would like to see my debug output, I will be more than happy to post it or send it in a PM. Anyway, if you have any clue at all as to what might be going on here, please let me know. Thank you. -Agra
  5. EDIT TO MY POST ABOVE: I just saw the section of the manual at the very bottom where it explains exclusions. KGT does refer to a scenario where a product might be in two different categories, therefore requiring both to be on the "included" side. While this is related to the issue I've described, it is not exactly the same. I just wanted to make that clear, in case there was any confusion. -Agra
  6. Thanks for the feedback candleman. I think maybe my choice of the word "bug" was extreme. It definitely is more a useability issue, but I do believe it needs to be corrected in some way. This is potentially how many users of this contrib are having issues with the coupon code not working. They could be thinking that there is something wrong with the code or the way they installed it, when in fact they accidentally excluded the parent category that contained the sub-category they were trying to include in the discount. At the very least, some documentation needs to be written explaining this procedure to users. I may attempt to do this myself when I am not busy working on my current project. Best regards, Agra
  7. Hello, I'd like to first thank KGT and all the other developers of this contribution for making a great addition to osC. Now, onto the issue at hand... I'd like to issue this warning here for everyone watching the forums. I've also added this as a note to the contribution's download page (for people who don't read the forums). I ran a search through this topic to make sure this issue hasn't already been discussed, but if I've missed something, please let me know. This is vital information for anyone who wants to restrict their discount to a specific category: When selecting product categories to exclude from being discounted, you MUST keep both the parent categories AND the sub-categories that you do intend to discount. That may sound confusing, so here is an example to illustrate: Say we are selling toy cars and we have them in 2 different categories - Trucks and Autos. Let's say our customer wants to buy a truck, and he/she must choose from a number of sub-categories, such as Dump-trucks, Big-rigs, Pickups, etc. Now, let's say that you want to create a coupon that will discount Pickups ONLY and not the other categories. You cannot simply leave out "Trucks->Pickups" from the list of excluded categories. You MUST ALSO leave out the parent category "Trucks" as well. If you do not leave out the parent category, the coupon code WILL NOT work for your customer even if he/she does add a Pickup truck to the cart and supplies the correct coupon code. To elaborate, the whole system of exclusion seems a bit confusing IMHO. Wouldn't it make more sense to choose the categories/products/users that you DO want to have discounted, rather than excluding the ones you DON'T? Seems more likely that a business would be selective about what they want to discount and disregard everything that they don't want to discount. Maybe this is just my opinion? Regardless, the issue of having to select the parent category should be addressed because it is very misleading. Selecting the sub-category should be good enough. Anyway, I hope this warning has helped others. Unforunately, I cannot write code as well as the contributors, so all I can do is point this issue out and hope it gets fixed. Perhaps all of you will support this idea too :) -Agra