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  1. Kapu

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Could you please give me the link of what contribution you mean. Would appreciate that. Thanks in advance again.. Kaspar,
  2. Kapu

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Hey! Huh, i have a problem..we are running a baby and children clothes store. I am very happy with oScommerce. But i still have one thing i'd like to get clear with. Problem is here: in example if i insert product "military sweater" i will insert sizes 5 years, 6 years etc. These will apper in drop-down menu. And i also set the amount of how much i have "military sweater" total (ie. 5yrs 3pcs. ; 6yrs 2pcs = 5pcs(total)). How is possible to insert amount for each size separately. (It is not possible to do it right now, i just can set total amount..). I am sorry, but my english is not perfect. If there is anything You need to get more clear before you can answere to me, then please ask. I would appreciate anyones help and ideas how to solve this little problem. Thank you in advance... Kaspar, Estonia