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  1. DTE

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hi Jack, Thanks for the quick reply. I saw the thread above just as I finished my comment, I will try that first. If things should appear I am happy, :rolleyes: if not then I have to look further in the forum for other people with the same problem. Hope problems get solved. Thanks again. Rg. Dirk
  2. DTE

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hi Jack, Yesterday I implemented version 2.0 of dynamic sitemap on my website. The installation went smooth, but i do have a problem I can't to seem to figure out. When I look at the sitemap page, there is no content, no threestructure of some sort. It displays nothing at all, just a blank page. When I look in my admin, all the functionalities appear, like adding and excluding categories, but like said before not at the front-end, at the sitemap. What could be wrong?? I have a heavily modified shop, based on STS and the language my shop is in Dutch. Could this be the problem or maybe something else. I hope you can help me out here... Thanks in advance! Rg. Dirk