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  1. I am not sure why you have to "add 'googlesitemap' before the name. I just ran through the files and these files Here is your sitemap index: http://bargaincollection.com/shop/sitemapindex.xml Here is your product sitemap: http://bargaincollection.com/shop/sitemapproducts.xml Here is your category sitemap: http://bargaincollection.com/shop/sitemapcategories.xml work just fine. ;) Paul
  2. Regarding this and especially the errors that you were showing in a prior thread. It looks you you have not changed the permissions for the sitemap files to 777. Check that step and if you are still having problems please post a URL to your site. Paul
  3. Fourbit

    CCGV God Please help :( having big troubles

    This is the file that is in my apps. add_ccgvdc_application_top.php It has the define statements in it. There's one in catalog/admin/includes and one in catalog/includes. Check to see if those are there and the contents are intact. Paul
  4. Howdy, The way I understand it. The cron is just updating the xml 'data' files on your site. Set it to run on a daily basis so that it covers any changes in categories or products. Having made an account with googly, you have told it where to look for a feed for your site. That will access that file on a regular basis without anymore intervention on your part. Paul
  5. Thanks Will and Julian, You are both probably right about those "emails". I was just a bit concerned 'cause I didn't get an email from "Google" at first. But, when I saw the "OK" on google for each of the four sites I assumed that all was well. Although, when "assuming" about Google, You are most likely to get bit. :D Paul
  6. Hi willross, I was wondering about the login too. I just use the link that you put in. But, you also said no bells or email from Google. Is there a better way to submit it? I thought some people were getting emails from Google. Plus, I only submitted the sitemapindex.xml file too.
  7. Thanks willross, Yes, I ran the whole thing successfully. In fact on 4 sites. But, I have manually submitted each one. And I tried both CRONs. I will run through it again. Maybe when I'm awake. ;) Oh, heck, why not do it now. :D Paul
  8. Ok, here's one. My cron just sent me a message. This is all it sent. Read between the lines. :D --------------------------------- No input file specified. . ---------------------------------- The cron is "/usr/bin/php /home/sitename/store/googlesitemap/index.php" Odd? I don't know. I'm tired. Paul
  9. Elkanario, I would agree with julianpuje. Did you follow this step in the directions? Upload the dummy files (the XML files) to your catalog directory. So, when you are done you should be able to call the files in your browser like this: If the store is in the document root: * domain.com/sitemapproducts.xml * domain.com/sitemapcategories.xml * domain.com/sitemapindex.xml Else if the store is in a directory: * domain.com/directory/sitemapproducts.xml * domain.com/directory/sitemapcategories.xml * domain.com/directory/sitemapindex.xml Once you have the dummy XML files uploaded you will need to make them wrtieable by the web server. The easiest way to do this is to start your favorite FTP client, right click the files, and change the permissions on each one. The correct settings will vary based on your server setup but generally speaking a setting of 777 or read, write, execute will work every time. Paul
  10. Fourbit

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Are you saying you're still having the problem? Make sure you've added them in your catalog/includes/configure.php file and not the admin one.
  11. Sorry akkinmore, I forgot a line. RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^about_us.php /postinfo.html That should do it.
  12. Yep. There sure is. RewriteRule ^about_us.php /about_us.html
  13. Fourbit

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Howdy David, That problem seems to be in the rt column. This code is being generated and causing another row to be inserted above that column. I kept the comment tags so you could track it down. <!-- SSL Info Box //--> <tr> <td> </td></tr> <!-- comodo_eof //--> Hope that gets it. I know how frustrating it can be. Paul
  14. Thanks Vger, Rich, and Neil, You all helped me find the answer. Kinda staring me in the face as usual. As I told Vger it always helps to talk things through. Sorry I came off so "snotty" as Rich put it. But, just wasn't in the mood for a lot of the "re-emphasis" and I was in the middle of a major tootheache. I really thought I was being nice and trying to clear up the misunderstanding as to my Post. Anyhow, I have managed to solve that goofy problem with the order not being in the db after the customer is returned by HSBC with the flag of "review" status. Actually, it was quite simple. And I didn't have to change any code. (well I did change and then changed back). I found that there is a field that you can add error numbers to that's called "Pending Error Codes". I put 8,9 in there. This field causes the order info. to be saved with a "pending" flag if HSBC has returned the order with one of those error codes. Then after you OK the purchase with HSBC, you can change that "pending" to "processing" or whatever in the Customers/orders screen. Simple. :blush: I again apologize for being a bit on the rude side. ;) Just an old crotchity mountain man that can't handle multitasking with a toothache. Multitasking.... :D Heck, I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. And that's taken 50 years to perfect. :blink: Paul
  15. Hey Bobby, :D This reminded me of a question I had. What needs to be done to add this to the admin so that any product urls that are created there can be converted to seo urls. I am specifically interested in the contribution Feed base class + Froogle. THanks, Paul