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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    first i must say what a great Contribution will save time putting in inventory I have now added add-weight-to-product-attributes v0.2 and i am trying to add weight attribute to AJAX Attribute Manager. I have tried follow instructions in install - Instructions to add Extra Field There is loads of contribution available for the attribute functionality. Each add different columns to the database and have different way of managing their update. If you want to add extra field to the Ajax Attribute Manager, to handle database values contained in the product_attributes tables, it is quiet easy to do. File to be changed are as follow: attributeManager.php for the display of the new field and the insert and update action trigger (around line 196 & 271) attributeManager.class.php (around line 457) attributeManagerAtomic.class.php (around line 70, 150, 170) attributeManagerInstant.class.php (around line 70, 133, 173) attributeManagerUpdateAtomic.inc.php (around line 30) attributeManager.js (around line 85, 106, 110) Search for the "price" string and simply mimic the mechanism used for this field, you can also check the way sort order was added when i search for price string I find a lot more that stated above on some nowhere near line quoted Is there and new updated instructions to add extra fields when i have added all details i get an error as below Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /attributeManager/classes/attributeManager.class.php on line 493