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    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    I was wondering if any one has added SALE TAX tracking to this report? I would like see tax numbers on these reports. Thanks, jeff
  2. ok two things solved my problem. First since cURL is built into my php I did not need to have the path so I have cURL path set to none. Second country and state codes need to be 2 digits in our case AZ and US. It now works like a charm here is a link from FedEx that might help Click the link below to obtain a copy of the Tagged Transaction Guide, please disregard this link if you're utilizing the FedEx XML solution: http://www.fedex.com/us/solutions/wis/pdf/TagTransGuide.pdf hope this might help someone else.
  3. I have also noticed that my cURL path has white spaces in it. this is running on a liux box and I was wondering if this is a issue for the mod. the hosting company tested it and said it works on their end and FedEx says it works on theirs. here is the path: Again any help would be appreciated Jeff
  4. I am having the same problem as Craig. I called FedEX and they said my account is fine on their end and it most be on my end. Here is the error at the top because I have debug on: Then this is the error in the shipping area of the page: I have open SSL and CURL running. Please help if you can. Thanks Jeff
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    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    Jared, I am just changing the order status to Refunded which I set up as status 4. this why I can keep track of how much was refunded in a month or year. I have been trying to edit the file and subtract all the order status 4 from the total but so far no luck. I would appreciate any help Thanks, Jeff
  6. jeffjb

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    thank you for this contrib it is great!!! Is there a way to subtract refunded orders from the daily, monthly and yearly totals, or to add the refunded orders totals $ amounts. I added the stauts (4 in my case) to the report so it shows the number of orders refunded but not the $ amount, It also throws my totals off since I have given the money back except for shipping. Thank you Jeff
  7. When ever I try changing anything in catalog/includes/classes/shipsched.php I get the following error on the checkout shipping page. if I leave it at the default it works fine. I am not changing the function. all I am trying to do is exclude Saturday and make next Wed the earlist day if you order after Wed. here is the shipsched.php: <? class ShippingSchedule { var $time_diff; var $schedule; var $earliest_date; var $charges; function ShippingSchedule(){ //Configure possible earliest delivery date for an order as follows. This system //allows for complex situations where stores need variable amounts of preparation time,etc. //as well as simpler schemes. //The schedule array uses index 0-6 for each day of the week. 0 is sunday, 1 monday, etc., //'start_time' is an integer representing the hour of the day (24 hour) //Each day uses the previous day's 'target date' as the earliest //possible date to deliver on until the 'start_time' specified -- at that point //it will use it's own 'target date' as the earliest delivery day. //ex. an order at 12:25pm on Monday (schedule[1]), the earliest possible day to deliver //will be 3 (Wednesday), but after 13:00 on Monday, the earliest poss. day will be 4 (Thurs). //A start time of 0 would indicate to always use the current day's 'target day'. In this example, //any order on Sunday would have an earliest delivery date of Wednesday. $this->schedule[0]=array('start_time'=>0,'target_day'=>3); $this->schedule[1]=array('start_time'=>13,'target_day'=>4); $this->schedule[2]=array('start_time'=>13,'target_day'=>5); $this->schedule[3]=array('start_time'=>13,'target_day'=>6); $this->schedule[4]=array('start_time'=>15,'target_day'=>2); $this->schedule[5]=array('start_time'=>0,'target_day'=>2); $this->schedule[6]=array('start_time'=>14,'target_day'=>3); } function EarliestArrival(){ $current_day=date('w'); $current_time=date('G'); //any time of the hour will be considered past the hour $prev_day=($current_day!=0) ? $current_day-1 : 6; $target=($current_time>=$this->schedule[$current_day]['start_time']) ? $this->schedule[$current_day]['target_day'] : $this->schedule[$prev_day]['target_day']; $days_needed=($current_day<=$target) ? $target-$current_day : (7-$current_day)+$target; $this->earliest_date=mktime(0,0,0,date('m'),date('d')+$days_needed,date('Y')); } function DateStillValid($shipdate){ if(!isset($this->earliest_date))$this->EarliestArrival(); $result=($this->earliest_date>$shipdate) ? false : true; return $result; } function DateInfo($datestamp){ //This functions returns an array containing info about whether a date is valid for delivery //and the CSS class for the calendar. The classes are defined in calendar.css //Currently Sunday is considered invalid and Saturday is a different class, //although for now its class is defined the same as other valid days. if(!isset($this->earliest_date))$this->EarliestArrival(); if($datestamp>=$this->earliest_date){ if(date('w',$datestamp)==6){ $result['valid']=true; $result['class']='s_valid'; }elseif(date('w',$datestamp)==0){ $result['valid']=false; $result['class']='invalid'; }else{ $result['valid']=true; $result['class']='valid'; } }else{ $result['valid']=false; $result['class']='invalid'; } return $result; } } ?> Thanks for any help you can give Jeff
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    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    yes it does. thank you very much and it works like a charm. very nice report again thank you. :D
  9. jeffjb

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    do you have the changes off hand or were they that minor?
  10. jeffjb

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    will this work on ms1 if I edit application_top.php instead of filename.php? or is the db structure wrong? Also If my prices change alot will this give amounts based on current price or based on the price at the time of a sale? I am currently running sales report2 and would like something with a little more meat. Thanks Jeff
  11. i thought the add color red would turn the code I changed red. this was only so you could see what I changed. Thanks again
  12. My site has been getting poeple who do the purchase without an account then when they see the shipping charge they leave. So I am trying to make my recover cart sales mod tell me if the did purchase without an account. I am trying to write an if statment that querys the customer_table/purchase_without_account. if it is one I want to echo pwa next to their name. However when in my if statment it seems to always return a 1. I can query the db directly or through php my admin and get the right return 0 on most 1 on the pwa people. Here is most of the recover_cart.php please help if you see what I am doing wrong. <?php $tdate = $_POST['tdate']; if ($_POST['tdate'] == '') $tdate = $BASE_DAYS; $ndate = seadate($tdate); $query1 = tep_db_query("select cb.customers_id cid, cb.products_id pid, cb.customers_basket_quantity qty, cb.customers_basket_date_added bdate, cus.customers_firstname fname, cus.customers_lastname lname, [COLOR=red]cus.purchased_without_account pwa,[/COLOR] cus.customers_telephone phone, cus.customers_email_address email from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET . " cb, " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " cus where cb.customers_basket_date_added >= '" . $ndate . "' and cb.customers_id = cus.customers_id order by cb.customers_basket_date_added desc, cb.customers_id "); $results = 0; $curcus = ""; $tprice = 0; $totalAll = 0; $knt = mysql_num_rows($query1); $first_line = true; for ($i = 0; $i <= $knt; $i++) { $inrec = tep_db_fetch_array($query1); [COLOR=red]if ($inrec['pwa'] = '1' ) { $PWADEL = PWA; }[/COLOR] if ($curcus != $inrec['cid']) { // output line $totalAll += $tprice; $tcart_formated = $currencies->format($tprice); $cline .= " </td> <tr> <td class='dataTableContent' align='right' colspan='8'><b>" . TABLE_CART_TOTAL . "</b>" . $tcart_formated . "</td> </tr> </tr>"; if ($curcus != "") echo $cline; // set new cline and curcus $curcus = $inrec['cid']; if ($curcus != "") { $tprice = 0; // // change the color on those we have contacted // add customer tag to customers // $fcolor = $UNCONTACTED_COLOR; $sentdate = ""; $customer = ""; $donequery = tep_db_query("select * from ". TABLE_SCART ." where customers_id = '".$curcus."'"); $emailttl = seadate($EMAIL_TTL); if (mysql_num_rows($donequery) > 0) { $ttl = tep_db_fetch_array($donequery); if ($emailttl <= $ttl['dateadded']) { $sentdate = $ttl['dateadded']; $fcolor = $CONTACTED_COLOR; } } $ccquery = tep_db_query("select * from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where customers_id = '".$curcus."'" ); if (mysql_num_rows($ccquery) > 0) $customer = ' [<font color="' . $CURCUST_COLOR . '">' . TEXT_CURRENT_CUSTOMER . '</font>]'; $sentInfo = TEXT_NOT_CONTACTED; if ($sentdate != ''){ $sentInfo = cart_date_short($sentdate); } $cline = " <tr bgcolor=" . $fcolor . "> <td class='dataTableContent' align='center' width='1%'>" . tep_draw_checkbox_field('custid[]', $curcus) . "</td> <td class='dataTableContent' align='left' width='9%' nowrap><b>" . $sentInfo . "</b></td> <td class='dataTableContent' align='left' width='15%' nowrap> " . cart_date_short($inrec['bdate']) . "</td> <td class='dataTableContent' align='left' width='25%' nowrap><a href='" . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS, 'search=' . $inrec['lname'], 'NONSSL') . "'>" . $inrec['fname'] . " " . $inrec['lname'] . "</a>".$customer."</td> <[COLOR=red]td class='dataTableContent' align='left' width='15%' nowrap><b>" . $PWADEL . "</b></td>[/COLOR] <td class='dataTableContent' align='left' colspan='2' width='25%' nowrap><a href='" . tep_href_link('mail.php', 'selected_box=tools&customer=' . $inrec['email']) . "'>" . $inrec['email'] . "</a></td> <td class='dataTableContent' align='right' colspan='2' width='15%' nowrap>" . $inrec['phone'] . "</td> </tr>"; } } // empty the shopping cart
  13. :o I am trying to right a query for the table purchased_without_account under customers. so I can tell in my sales cart mod and invoice that they purchaesed without a cart or did not complete the checkout and I need to delete the account. But can (being a complete php hack newbie) not get the right responce. can some one help here is what I have and the answer is always 1. $curcus = current customer id part of recover cart sales. $pwa_query = tep_db_query("select purchased_without_account from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " where customers_id = '".$curcus."); I have also gone nuts and done this still always 1 $pwa_query = tep_db_query("select purchased_without_account from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " where customers_id = '".$curcus."' and customers_default_address_id = '1'"); $pwa = tep_db_fetch_array($pwa_query); $opwa = (tep_db_output($pwa['purchased_without_account'])); thanks for any help on what I am doing wrong.
  14. Thank you Lee... This mod makes the newsletter and emails look great. that did fix my issue. Does the admin gui not pass your current user info to the files? Since my admin account has root rights I thought it could do whatever. Anyway thank you.
  15. I installed this mod and everything except the mainpage.php seems to work. When I goto admin -> define mainpage I get an error. however the user I am loged in as does have full read write access to the file. also the catalog/default.php messes my site up. I believe the two are related right? the mainpage.php defines the default.php page? thanks
  16. :blink: Here is the code I added to admin/packingslip.php and admin/invoice.php to make them show the date if it is set and not if not. you might need to change $order->info['shipdate'] back to the default. <?php if ($order->info['shipdate'] > 1 ) { ?> <td class="main"><b><?php echo TEXT_ARRIVAL_DATE; ?></b></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo date("l, F j, Y",$order->info['shipdate']); ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '1', '10'); ?></td> </tr> <?php } ?> I would like to find out if it can be optional instead of maditory on check out.
  17. :D I have installed v0.2 on MS1 and it works great I have made it so the packingslip and invoice show requested arrival date. Thank you very much for this customers have been asking for this for. I would however like to add this field in the Manual Order contrib "/admin/edit_orders.php". we take phone orders and ebay orders. so now their packingslips and invoices show Dec 31, 1969. Could someone piont me in the right direction to make this happen? what files do I edit and what files should I get the code from? Or is there a way I can make the field not show up if it was not entered? Thanks
  18. my testing is still working and I really like giving my customers this option. can anyone tell my what I broke and what issue I may have in the future by commenting the section above out? Thank you for your help Jeff
  19. I just commented out this part of the code and it seems to be working all my test have been good. But I would like to know what I broke and if there is another way to fix the issue I have above. [code /* if ($messageStack->size('login') > 0) { ?> <tr> <td><?php echo $messageStack->output('login'); ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td> </tr> <?php } */ [/code] I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
  20. I just installed PWA 0.70when ever I try to goto the login.php I get an error on line 125. I am running 2.2 MS1. old login.php around line 125 <?php if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['login']) && ($HTTP_GET_VARS['login'] == 'fail')) { $info_message = TEXT_LOGIN_ERROR; } elseif ($cart->count_contents()) { $info_message = TEXT_VISITORS_CART; } if (isset($info_message)) { ?> new login.php around line 125 can any one help one this I have done the SQL changes and all the other files are in place? I have tried hacking at it but can't figure it out yet.
  21. Has anyone gotten this to work. I was think of going with BofA, but it looks like no one has had luck or much interst in this. I have 2.2 MS1 and am looking for a good authrization company/contrib Thanks Jeff
  22. I am testing this mod and keep having a problem with the catalog/login.php. When I put the one for the zip file in I get a page not found on both account.php and login.php. I am running 2.2 MS1. Since I have no fileanme.php I edited the application_top.php with the changes ment for filename.php. On everything else I followed the directions from the PWA 0.60c download. what did I miss? Please help Thank you Jeff
  23. This should be the same as my issue search for MS1 and make sure you have the right lines commented out and search for MS2 to make sure the right line are uncommented. Jeff
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    Guest Accounts v. 2.0 for MS2

    Does this work with version 2.2 MS1? if it does what chages need to be made?