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  1. No I never did find a solution. I did switch over to Zen Cart however as they seemed to have more options but I never quite got that going either. I was checking to see if anyone figured this out by now.
  2. I've been setting up shipping methods. Situation: Business is located near the US border. The majority of the sales are to US customers while being based in BC, Canada. US customer shipments originate in WA and thus the catalog is setup with a WA state location for USPS. I have setup the USPS shipping module which works great. Now for Canadian orders the shipments originate within BC, Canada. I've installed and tweaked the Canada Post shipping module which works. However the CP module is taking the weight in Pounds as Kilograms. I think I need a adjustment/conversion between the product weight in pounds and the weight in kilograms required by CP. The same goes for box dimensions. Suggestions?
  3. This link is now replaced with this one: http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/servlet/LogonServlet
  4. Update to some details on this thread as I just called Canada Post to setup my account. They are switching over to DNS for the server IP. In addition the test and production servers are now combined. PRODUCTION/TEST SERVER: sellonline.canadapost.ca port: 30000 My question is how to convert my imperial/standard measures to metric for Canada Post? (I primarily ship with USPS but do have the odd requirement to ship within Canada with Canada Post)