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  1. It's directed at my own post which is two above yours. Haven't got a clue what your problem is... did you check that configure.php has the right info?
  2. Right, well I might have an answer to why this just doesn't work for some people. My client had picked bargain basement shared hosting, on which the function PHP_AUTH_USER is not available. One to check.
  3. One more thing: if I go to responsehandler.php in a browser, I get the message "Failed to Get Basic Authentication Headers"... what does that mean?
  4. Further to the above, the information from shipping_method_generator.php is being passed correctly in terms of the shipping *method*, but the prices remain at 0.00 for both domestic and international deliveries. I'm tearing my hair out here and the client is getting - frankly - snotty about it. If anyone can help, I will be more grateful than I can ever say.
  5. Okay, I'm sure I'm being incredibly stupid here... The only shipping module we have active is table rate. It's working fine on normal OSC checkout. With GCO, no prices are passed to Google. I'm assuming I have to do something at shipping_method_generator.php but for the life of me I cannot see how to put a table rate into that page... Can someone please give me a pointer or two? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I have almost no contributions installed on OSC, only FEC and Google Checkout. GC and PayPal are the only payment modules I have activated, and PP works fine. However, GC goes round and round in circles. Selecting GC on checkout_shipping.php takes me to checkout_confirmation.php?paynow= - like that, with no value for paynow, and then clicking 'confirm order' on that page takes me back to my shopping cart. What have I done wrong?! TIA for any advice, Sue
  7. kerino

    Changement de boutons

    J'ai les trouvé ici http://oscommerce-buttons.org/