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  1. Changing hosts is not an option - I'm setting up the site for a friend of the family and he doesn't want to change hosts. I've about to install an older Paypal IPN meant to work with 2.2 MS2. Will this not work? PS - Kingston, ON here.
  2. There seems to be no way around forcing customers to sign up for paypal in order to insure order data gets through (by redirecting them back to site after order is placed) From my reading it seems like IPN might be a solution to this problem. What are your thoughts? If this is the case what version of IPN should I use -The host I'm using only has osCommerce v2.2 MS2 installed.... Cheers, Pete.
  3. I should also specify that the version of osCommerce is 2.2 MS2
  4. Does IPN relay purchase information? when I look at IPN history I do not see what was purchased in the failed msg details.
  5. That didn't help. It redirects just fine if I use my paypal account. But if I use a credit card. It won't redirect - just says it's complete and gives customer an option to go back to the store or sign up for a paypal account. If they go back to the store it processes...if they don't it won't.
  6. Thanks Chris. You were was set to checkout_success. I'm going to try and change. ps whereabouts in Ontario are you?
  7. I'm using the Standard Paypal module with osCommerce and everything seems to be working great up to the point that payment is made with paypal. If it is made from a paypal account the redirect kicks in and the order is recorder and emails are sent. But if payment is made using a credit card the paypal doesn't redirect. Is there a workaround for this? I can't seem to find anything to set up on the paypal site other than what I have already. Cheers, and thanks for your help. Pete.
  8. so I'll just do a bulk search and replace php_mail for tep_mail ? I'll try it..thanks.
  9. Do you mean the IPN path set in paypal... I have it set to the paypal module - shop/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php is this the correct setting? I'm still not receiving emails.
  10. After some difficulty with the Standard Paypal with osCommerce 2.2 - I switched to IPN...and now it seems to be logging the orders just fine however no notice of the order is being sent to the email addresses that I have listed in osCommerce. Anybody have this figured out? Cheers, Pete.
  11. Thanks. seems to be working now. One quick question. Do you know of a way to send the confirmation email to another address other than the one listed with the paypal account.
  12. I'm having an issue with Paypal standard that came as an option with my providers version of OsCommerce. From reading these forums it seems that PayPal IPN would solve this problem. Am I able to add the paypal IPN module relatively easily and have it work with 2.2 ? Cheers, Pete.
  13. Thanks Chris...unfortunately the version that my ISP has is 2.2. I had built a site several years ago on the same version 2.2 and did not have this problem. IE the records went into the database even if the confirmation email did not go out. Will turning on the auto-return on paypal fix this?
  14. As mentioned in the subject. I've placed an order to test and it was processed through paypal and the funds were sent and received however there is no record of it in - or email notification from OsCommerce. The customer profile that I created in the database is there but there is no record of the actual order. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Pete.
  15. I found what I was looking for there a way to delete our own posts?