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  1. I will have another go tomorrow, got an early start in morning, Your help is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. /* user.css ----------------------------------------------------------------- */ Taken additional css out, still the same on mobile though
  3. Thanks, changed to 12, layout is better but still the same on my mobile (too big)
  4. Enable Header jc carousel ModuleTrueContent Width4Sort Order50slider max width780slider1 linkhttps://slider1 image stylecursor:default;position:relative;top:0px;left:0px;width:980px;height:380px;overflow:hiddenslider1 image
  5. /* user.css ----------------------------------------------------------------- */ div.test iFrame { width:100%!important; //!important is used because the width is set inline on the iframe height:235px!important; overflow:scroll; border:hidden; }
  6. Ok thanks for the info, the header slider resizes fine it is just the index slider that plays up.
  7. Hi Yes I have viewed yours - perfect, but on mine the image slider does not scale down properly to fit a mobile like yours does,
  8. Hi Zahid, installed on 2.3.4 BS, the header slider works but not the index slider does not show at all and I do not know why. Regards