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  1. Hey all, We've had the same problem with our stores - and we've found a work-around that seems to fix it: It seems that in admin/ipn.php at about line 53 there is the statement if (!$ipn->validateReceiverEmail(MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ID,MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_BUSINESS_ID)) $ipn->dienice('500'); Which compares the business email address with the receiver address stored in the IPN configuration. We had used different verified email addresses to distinguish the different stores, but for now PayPal is rejecting any orders where the two emails do not match. In other words, PayPal, at least in this instance, appears unable to validate any secondary verified email addresses ? so only the primary email address in our PayPal account will currently work. Rather than tweaking the code, which worked so nicely for more than a year, we?ve opted just to set the E-mail Address and the Business ID to the same value. How many of you are based in Canada, like we are? ? I think this is related to PayPal switching over to their Canadian operation for Canadian based businesses. Hope this helps :thumbsup: