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  1. curtisj

    "Categories Specials" MySQL Error

    Anyone have any ideas? I just tried deleting the tables associated with the contrib, to verify where the problem is. I recieved the same error after I dropped the tables from the database. (special_category and special_product). This leads me to believe the mistake is in the php code, which I have gone over as best I could (i would not call myself a php expert by a longshot) and could not find any mistakes. Everything is exactly as the install file describes and the admin/categories_specials.php looks OK, but I am guessing that is where the problem is. Any known problems with the Category Specials contrib? Thanks, Curt
  2. I am recieving the following error after installing the Categories Specials Contribution. I have searched and not found much support for this contrib. I have checked permissions on all files and checked to make sure the database names match. I have also installed, removed, and re-installed following the instructions. I am completely stuck. The following is the error I recieve when try to add a new special and click "insert":