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    Hi, am implementing 2CO for a new customer. However, i've never used 2CO before. Does anyone know whether customers are directed to 2CO pages for payment or do they stay on the site? Cheers, Mossy
  2. Hi, how well does "Google Checkout" work with downloadable / virtual products? Am using the old "Download Manager" contribution with a custom download script! Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi, is anyone aware of a shipping contribution, which allows me to do the following: If shipping address is within UK then charge the following: £2.50 for 1-3 items, £5.00 for 4-6 items, £7.50 for 7-9 items and free off charge for 10+ items If the shipping address is outside the UK then charge the following: £3.50 for 1-3 items, £7.00 for 4-6 items, £10.50 for 7-9 items and free off charge for 10+ items Or can anyone tell me how i can do this wit the default modules?
  4. muhsinb

    PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Looking at VSP Monitor Protx have screwed up an UPGRADE...AGAIN: http://www.protx.co.uk/monitorvsp.asp There getting a slating here: https://support.protx.com/forum/Topic1598-22-1.aspx They've essentially shut over 1000 internet store the muppets!
  5. muhsinb

    Protx Logo On Checkout_Payment

    Hi All, on the checkout_payment page, instead of having Protx Direct in writing, can i have an image there with the cards they accept. I managed to do this with PayPal in the past but have forgotten how to do it since. Cheers
  6. muhsinb

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi Tom / Rhea, this is the reply i got from Protx support: ---------------------------------------------- We have investigated your account and can confirm that your 3D Secure information was only sent to the Merchant Banks on the 9th of July 2007. The banks can take up to 14 working days to allocate 3D Secure information. Unfortunately, this is not something which we are able to change, as this is not a process controlled by Protx. Please allow 14 working days before switching 3D Secure on in your VSP Admin area. We will ensure that once your Merchant Bank have responded to us to inform us that 3D Secure has been activated on your account, we will ensure that you are informed also. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. ----------------------------------------------- Cheers :thumbsup:
  7. muhsinb

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Thanks Tom :thumbsup:
  8. muhsinb

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi Tom, i haven't signed up on that forum, but i believe the work that Rhea is carrying out, is for me. The vendor name is "emanuals" , if you could post back on the protx forum, that'd be great! Cheers...M
  9. Hi All, am using Fast Easy Checkout at the moment with Purchase Without Account part. However, i am considering installing the Downloads Controller to help reduce manual labour. Downloads Controller 5.3 highly recommends not to have a Purchase Without Account type option. Am using create_account3.php as part of the checkout process from Fast Easy Checkout - see here https://www.electronicmanuals.co.uk/create_account3.php Is there anyway i can use this page, but force users to create an account no matter what? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards
  10. muhsinb

    fast easy checkout

    Please can someone help me wit the below? Thanks
  11. muhsinb

    fast easy checkout

    Hi All, am using fast easy checkout option 3. Does anyone have instructions how i can force my customers to create an account. I'd like to get rid of the checkbox, where it says "create account" and force users to make an account. Thanks
  12. muhsinb

    XML Google SiteMap by Chemo

    Please anyone?
  13. I've installed the above contrib and it works a treat...no problems whatsover - Thanks Bobby! 2 questions... 1) Are the generated XML sitemaps compatible with Yahoo Site Explorer? 2) My host uses the ensminPro panel, is there anyway i can create something similar to CRON jobs? Thanks
  14. Hi All, are there any useful backend admin type contributions, which people have found useful? One, which i would find particularly useful is where i can select 10 or so orders and change its status from say "Pending" to "Processing", or from "Processing" to "Delivered". At the moment i am having to go into 10 or so orders a day and changing its status manually. Thankyou
  15. muhsinb

    Recover Cart Sales

    What an amazing contribution. I'm having potential customers who abondoned their cart coming back already, either to buy, or just even to give me feedback. Awesome!!! :)
  16. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    I installed SEO URLs a while back and I've just noticed that i have 2 links per item. One like: http://www.electronicmanuals.co.uk/audi-20...nual-p-111.html and one like: http://www.electronicmanuals.co.uk/audi-c-...nual-p-111.html Surely search engines are going to penalise me for this. What do i have to do to rectify this? Cheers
  17. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    Hi Toycie, thanks for clarifying...google is indexing my website very well ... over 50 pages so far and none of them refer to cNames, which is good...hence no duplicate content...PHEW! I was worried google would ban me for spamming or something! Thanks
  18. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    Possible but unlikely. I rechecked everything lastnight over and over again and it was all good.
  19. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    Something weird is going on LOL...i could put anything in the cName section for example: http://www.electronicmanuals.co.uk/YOU SMELL OF POO/audi-a8-inc-s8-workshop-manual-p-116.html and it still take me to the correct link!
  20. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    Nope...i definately don't have items in 2 different categories. But the rest of categories and products are doing the same thing. However, all the indexing, which Google is doing, it doesn't seem to pickup the cName only pNames (i do have cNames switched off), which should be good in a way i guess, because google must be thinking the products are all at the same level, ie not going down deep ... (oooeer)!
  21. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    So how am i suppose to rectify this? Is there anything i can do? Muhsin
  22. muhsinb

    SEO URL Query

    Hi Jack...both links point to the same place and have exactly the same content. Thing is i have cNames turned of in Admin -> Config. Is this normal?
  23. Great contrib is this. However, i would love to know how to have the thumbnails placed at the top, rather then at the bottom. Could anyone shed some light? Thanks
  24. Hi All, the default positioning of thumbnails with ultrapics is at the bottom. How can i move this to the top of the product information pages? I've seen this on a few other sites, but wouldn't know where to start looking! Thanks
  25. muhsinb

    Guest Accounts v. 2.0 for MS2

    Bizzare, i've come back from the gym and its appearing now! I swear :blush: