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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Sure, Loki, we will be working on creating an import tool that imports a lot of system data and some settings as well into the new version. It is our aim to make the migration process as easy and quick as possible.
    At the same time, we want to give osCommerce users update to the new modern technology and solution they have been so patiently waiting for, and so deserve. 
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    osCommerce is under new management. We thank Harald Ponce de Leon and the historical development team, wholeheartedly, for creating osCommerce and will now work hard to develop it into a modern successful Ecommerce platform.
    osCommerce v4 is to be released in 2021!
    osCommerce will continue being open source and FREE to use. There will be an opportunity for developers and designers to offer their commercial products (apps) and services in osCommerce Shop.
    osCommerce v4 is about: 
    business growth for shop owners new revenue streams for designers and developers modern, powerful, and secure Ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large B2C and B2B businesses API-based integration with 3rd parties osCommerce that is easy to support, maintain, and upgrade mobile and SEO friendly platform smooth migration from osCommerce 2.x and other Ecommerce solutions Discussions on this release are welcome at the Forums, where a new section for osCommerce v4 has been created. Questions about osCommerce shall be emailed to hello@oscommerce.com  Development Partners and Beta Testers are always welcome! Please sign up via our Contact Page. We will notify you when the Beta version becomes available (likely in June 2021). Development Partners - we will make preview versions available to you, please indicate your interest when signing up for the Beta Program.
    Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for a new release of osCommerce!
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    Fredi reacted to Yurius in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Who is osCommerce-Official? Who is hiding behind this nickname? Is it one person or a team of developers? What happened to Harald and will he be involved in the development of a new project or is it a completely new team? How much will the new version have continuity with the previous version ( In general, there are a lot of questions at the moment.
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    Fredi reacted to valquiria23 in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Hello @osCommerce-Official, Congratulations on the changes!!!
    Hopefully you can give Oscommerce the leadership that it sadly lost many years ago. If it wasn't for the wonderful people of the CE, there would be no one left in that forum.
    First of all, it would be nice to know your real name since it's nice to know that behind a nick name there is a real person.
    I would like to know what will happen to the contents of the Forum and its posts that are not related to V4. are you going to keep or eliminate them?
    What will happen to all the apps that are in apps.oscommerce.com  ?
    Are you going to keep them on or delete them?
    If you are going to delete them, I think the community is not going to like it.
    Greetings and good luck.
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Thank you, Fredi! Looking forward to bringing new osCommerce to the community and the world!
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    Fredi got a reaction from raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Hello @raiwa,
    New updated russian file for AJAX Attribute Manager v3.3.5
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    Fredi reacted to philip71 in Upgrading to the latest version   
    I hope that's not the the entire community, as it is a small exclusive group that, from what I've read automatically drops people after a couple of months.
    I know.. Still, to me Phoenix is a much needed visual update of osCommerce with PHP 7 support, rather than a different product. The file structure is the same, database is largely the same, etc. I could be wrong, that's just my own lowly opinion, whatever that's worth.
    You are right, it is not restricted, just not readily available here. I couldn't find any upgrade information on this site/forum, and it seemed odd to me, hence I was just trying to give feedback, maybe even help others that may find themselves in my situation. In any case, I am sorry if my post irritated anyone, especially people that contribute their time and expertise to this product. It wasn't my intention at all.
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    Fredi reacted to philip71 in Upgrading to the latest version   
    I did apply to the Phoenix Club yesterday before I posted here, I just haven't received a response yet. I do appreciate the work that has been done to update osCommerce. Still, restricting simple upgrade instructions to those 700 members seems counterintuitive to growing the osCommerce/Phoenix community imho.
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    Fredi reacted to philip71 in Upgrading to the latest version   
    To follow-up on this and eventually help others, I was able to update to following the Github instructions here: https://github.com/heatherbellho/CE-Phoenix-Updates ..  Thanks for the pointer ecartz !
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    Fredi reacted to philip71 in Upgrading to the latest version   
    I have been using the original osCommerce version for years on a shop. I wanted to upgrade to CE Phoenix for the responsive template and PHP 7 compatibility. I installed CE Phoenix version 1.7.11 two months ago in December on a test shop and made few customizations. I just got some more time, and would like to update to the now current 1.7.14.
    Seems the download only includes the full version, and I don't want to start over. There are no public instructions on how to upgrade between minor versions of CE Phoenix, there is no file/database changelog I could find. Reinstalling from scratch every time is just way too much hassle and does not allow for any customizations. This seems odd, to say the least. Even if there is no upgrade script, is there a reason that upgrade instructions are a guarded secret for a private group of "Phoenix club" members? 
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    Fredi reacted to Smoky Barnable in Upgrading to the latest version   
    I have found using a file comparison utility quite helpful. My favorite is Beyond Compare.
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    Fredi reacted to mhsuffolk in BREXIT: shopowners in the UK   
    IMO you need to use Pound Sterling in the UK. The Euro, to UK citizens, is a foreign currency like the US Dollar is.
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    Fredi reacted to René H4 in UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount   
    Documents like this make me sweat. It's getting very complex. They are killing international trade in this way, and weren't we ( the small businisses) the ones that keep the economy alive?
    I hate men with suits and ties.
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    Fredi reacted to kennyk in UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount   
    Thanks Nigel.  Let's hope the entire world does not follow UK's VAT collection model for not UK e-commerce.  I can't imagine having to collect and maintain taxes like this for ever country we ship to.  Nightmare!
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    Fredi reacted to René H4 in BREXIT: shopowners in the UK   
    Let's discuss UK-based shopowners issues regarding BREXIT here.....
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    Fredi reacted to valquiria23 in Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold   
    Muchas gracias Rainer!!! Se que están pasando un mal momento en España. Ojala todo mejore pronto, cuídate mucho!!!
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    Fredi reacted to raiwa in Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold   
    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix
    Español para OsC CE
    Includes some minor fixes reported by @domiosc and @RonCain
    Update instructions included.
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    Fredi reacted to gritsop in BREXIT: shopowners in the EU selling in UK   
    That's correct. However, OSC should be flexible to support all cases. OSC is not limited to just one case.
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    Fredi reacted to René H4 in BREXIT: shopowners in the EU selling in UK   
    Let's discuss EU-based shopowners issues regarding BREXIT here.....
    That's for EU owners selling into the UK.
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    Fredi reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    You do not need products_attributes.php using Ajax attributes manager 😉
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    Fredi reacted to Owl Sauron in View Counter   
    Greetings again.
    Changing the DB to utf8 and the engine from InnoDB to MyISAM solved the problem.
    Yep, the new version has it all hardcoded, but that is not described in the installing manual. We have to compare the chnaged files. Please update the install manual.
    This module is a must in any installation. Keep it on!
    Many thanks for the support!
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    Fredi got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in Article Manager v1.0   
    Thanks a lot for answering Jack.
    I know these guys won't give an answer. They have such a principle.
    Harald's updates required a lot of work, but were very simple. Updating in connection with the transition to the SSL was also not very difficult. Updates related to changes in the PHP version were also not very difficult. Most of the users did all these updates themselves.
    Order from professional coders. It is possible, but if you need 1-2 modules. When you need to update an old, large, multifunctional store in which there are many modules, everyone refuses such work. I made applications to almost all the leading coders of OsCommers, but everyone refused my order. I have kept the applications and answers to them in my archive. The main answer is "sorry, I have a lot of work and I don't have time to deal with your store ..."
    The problem is big.
    Today's concept - a stable breaking of the kernel code once a month, creates additional problems. Which coder would dare to adapt an existing store for a phoenix? What guarantees can the encoder give to the customer?
    Nothing wrong. Life is a difficult and difficult path. We will go forward, even if there are artificial obstacles on the way.
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    Fredi reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Ajax Attribute Manager 3.3.2
    OsCommerce Phoenix REQUIRED!
    PHP 7.0 to 7.4
    Changes Version 3.3.2.:
    + added support for Phoenix core sort order
    + removed optional product_options_sort_order support
    + added auto update script for product_options_sort_order to core sort order columns.
    + normalized spacing and indents.
    + updated custom database functions to use core functions.
    + modernized coding to match core standards
    If you were using attributes/options sort order from previous versions:
        - Make a database backup for security if something gets messed up.
        - On first load of this version, the old sort order entries will be migrated to the new core sort order columns.
        - Check your database for success after you loaded the new attributes manager.
        - Use the product info options/attributes sort order content module included in Phoenix
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    Fredi reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    @FrediThis is the support thread for an addon so even if Matt or Gary sees it, they may not respond here. You would need to post in the general forum and hope they will reply. 
    However, I'm not sure your complaint is justified. I, and any addon developer, understands the frustration of having  broken addons due to changes in Phoenix. But this has always been the case with oscommerce. When Harald did away with filename and database defines, it broke all existing addons. And when Frozen was released, many addons had to be rewritten to work with it.
    You need to keep in mind that those that support addons do so at their own expense in time. If you wanted to pay a developer to make the needed changes sooner, then I'm sure any would do that. But if you want a free update, then you have to wait until that programmer has time for it. It is the way oscommerce has always worked and hasn't changed much. I agree that having discussions on the code base hidden is the wrong approach and slows its development and popularity but it is what the ones in control have decided to do.
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    Fredi got a reaction from Jack_mcs in Jssor Slider   
    Thank You Jack!
    Installed the module on a test site, everything works SUPER!👍👌