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    Fredi reacted to frankl in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Great! Looking forward to it 👍
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    Fredi reacted to Krisz1 in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I've joined the forum in 2003 (18 years already!) with OsC 2.2MS2, and now still running 2.3.4. I learned how to fix few things here and there when it breaks, more like when you own an 18 year old car and already know where to look under the hood. Added the SEO .htaccess hack and I've enjoyed a smooth ride with a platform that is not resource intensive for the average shared hosting provider.
    Having said that, I'm waiting for the new OsC4 and hope for a smooth transition. I won't be able to name all the add-ons that I've installed over the years, so it's going to be a long process to get it up to speed. Hopefully, the team has considered the many stores that are still working with 2.3.4 (and 2.2MS2) into the transition plan.. to make it as painless as possible.
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    Fredi reacted to Demitry in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Enough with the complaining. This thread has now turned into grief counseling.

    Instead, ask yourself what can you do to better the situation? ..solutions rather than criticism and grievances.

    A couple of folks took initiative to patch older versions of osC in order to help less than a hand-full of others who are in desperate need to upgrade their failing old osC software. I look at this as a temporary solution while we all wait for the “next season of Breaking Bad” to be released.

    Truth is, this software is dead and has been for a long time. Just look at this thread on osCv4. There are 30 people following it. If you didn’t get that, read that last sentence again!
    And just to lower your expectations a bit more, ..if and when the new version is released, it is likely to be buggy and missing some key features. Though, those issues will probably be resolved in the following release.
    Confucius say, “Man who want pretty nurse, ..must be patient.”

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    Fredi reacted to Hotclutch in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I think we need to be careful how we post. We are all disappointed in the new owners but we are still in their house so to speak. The people who care about osCommerce are still here, those with pure self interest maybe not.
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    Fredi reacted to Hotclutch in New management and osCommerce v4   
    At the end of day, you can not place any expectation on free software. The previous management also made promises and never delivered many times. This never bothered me personally.
    For me the best part of osCommerce has been, not so much the fact that it is free software, but the lean core package, and the treasure chest of addons that could be used to build a shop exactly the way you want it. 
    Wrt to the new owners, i can only assume that they have changed their minds about making a release at all. How do you go from announcing a release 3-4 weeks away, to absolutely no feedback months later.
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    Fredi reacted to lyonsperf in New management and osCommerce v4   
    What I was stating is that the forks have not corrected many of the issues that the original has. Plus the support is lackluster.
    What I am experiencing is people putting egos before common sense and refusing to listen to actual shop owners concerning everyday issues.
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    Fredi got a reaction from wettset in New management and osCommerce v4   
    We expected a new release in June, but soon August ...
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    Fredi got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Hello Demitry,
    Many of today's programmers for OsComm were born in this forum over the past 20 years. Most of the clones and versions of e-commerce were born here too.
    Thousands of store owners have learned the basics of programming right here.
    Today's concept for most e-commerce products is commerce. Money.
    For this reason, we see very frequent (necessary or unnecessary) changes to the code, which are primarily aimed at stopping the previous version and receiving orders for updating (modification, modernization, improvement, security, etc.).
    I understand that permanent jobs and high wages are needed. This is also correct.
    Hundreds of thousands of stores can be provided commercially. Owners will not program.
    But there is a small number of people, perhaps 1 thousand, for whom this is interesting and who can dig into the code themselves.
    What are these people to do?
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    Fredi reacted to Demitry in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Привет Вадим, спасибо за ответ.  
    Yes, I saw that a day or so back, on the Team page. Two things about that page. There are duplicate entries for Kate Dyachenko and Serhii Gakhov. And, the osC profiles are not set up for your team members, though I only checked a couple of them. This is not of great importance at this time, but does go to credibility as you move forward and,.. if you plan to keep the forums.

    Having a dedicated team of Ukrainians and Russians is indeed Very promising!

    So as an “on premises" solution (and especially when you move to SaaS), ..does that mean that this will no longer be an open-source software that can be downloaded and installed locally? Because the “os” in osCommerce does stand for “open source.” And, if that’s the case, then this is quite different than Magento, and actually more like Shopify.

    By the way, I am not a fan of Shopify or BigCommerce. I mentioned them because today’s eComm-cart popularity has direct correlation to the fact that the majority of store owners are not technical and do not want to be. That’s one of the main directives pursued by the prior unmentionable, who is directly responsible for the mismanagement and the dismantling of osC and its brand equity.

    I’m talking about the blatant ignorance and stupidity.. such as,.. releasing new osC versions that store-owners could not update their stores to. And, the inability of osC software to be updated to new PHP versions. Other crucial mismanagement issues like,.. Excluding the integration of common-place & basic eCommerce features such as Order Tracking, SEO, MVS, product attribute management, site and form security, shipping calculators, RMA system, and many, Many others! These are all standard features offered with every eComm cart out there today, but of course, not with osCommerce.

    So Vadym, the point of this is that I hope that you choose not to pursue any part of that same “I live in my mom’s basement while I pretend to manage an eCommerce software” strategy, otherwise, you’re just setting yourself, your team, and the new software release for failure.

    Ok, so I am happy to hear that this is not some philanthropic endeavor to give away your time & energy. That certainly gives more value to the software, its potential future, and perceived longevity.

    However, your initiative to monetize is not very clear from your response. If you plan to in-house the new osC, and charge for account access, support, and addons/customization,.. that’s one thing. On the other hand, if your services include store-owner ordered customization and development, then this is a conflict of interest.

    Actually, I am not very clear on how you plan to monetize this software. I am willing to invest in something new that I believe will provide a viable long-term solution for my needs as a store-owner, but not if it is anything like what that unmentionable predecessor did,.. or I should say, ..did nothing with.

    Good! I’m glad to hear that!

    Additionally, I recommend removing any and all references to Zombie Phoenix. That includes the news articles related to it. There are about 22 articles on the https://www.oscommerce.com/Us&News page. This is confusing to anyone who is new to osC because this software is no longer an osC product. The same goes for Zombie Phoenix addons and addon-updates that are part of non-Zombie Phoenix addons,.. including those of my own. As well as, any and all forum topics, discussions, and posts related to that “other” cart software. Let it all be gone like a fart in the wind!

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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Hi Demitry! Yes, indeed, Vadym's here. Nice to e-meet you!
    I'm afraid my days of programming a long gone (well, never say never!) but we are a decent size team of engineers who are looking forward to re-establishing osCommerce as a mainstream, "cool" Ecommerce platform. There are two reasons why we do it: 
    - we want to make it a successful business for ourselves, and for the members of this community 
    - this is what osCommerce as a brand, and members of this community fully deserve - to see it grow again after years of not being developed  
    Product-to-market strategy can not be disclosed on a public forum, however there are indeed some points that can:
    - osCommerce v4 will be an "on premises" solution to start with. Next year we will consider SaaS option as well. As an "on premises" Ecommerce platform it will not be competing with the likes of Shopify directly, but rather with Magento and similar 
    - osCommerce v4 will come fully SEO and mobile optimised, supporting design templates, with built in CMS and design editor, a number of great features - all free. 
    - osCommerce v4 will come ready for a number of osCommerce-created add-ons and, eventually - for add-ons created by the members of this community 
    - it is going to be a relatively low-code platform, that will allow not just designers and developers, but also pro-users like consultants, Ecommerce and marketing managers, etc using it to customise customer experience 
    It may not have sense to compare it to WooCommerce though, as Woo is less a specialist Ecommerce platform than osCommerce and is perhaps not as suitable to solve customer problems that osCommerce can resolve.
    Feeling noble indeed, but we are in business, and have been for quite a few years. It makes no sense to run osCommerce for the sake of it. It shall work and bring profit. 
    The strategy is to achieve success not just through sales of our own services, but by allowing members of this community offering their solutions and services too. We want osCommerce is to become a business engine, available to everyone who is interested in it, able to use it, and happy to play by the rules.   
    It is a complete re-write indeed.
    Not to worry, it will not. Since it is a complete re-write, it will not be able to support any 3rd party plugins as such. We will be publishing guides on how to create new add-ons, new design themes (templates), new widgets, and new modules (like payment, shipping, order total, etc). There's definitely a learning curve there, but eventually it will be well worth it, for everyone!
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    Fredi reacted to clustersolutions in Next osCommerce v4 demo   
    Hope it's alright to provide some suggestions:
    Record the demo session and provide the recording. The sooner people get to see the s/w, repo, and app features the better to find volunteers. For dotcomboomers they'll be thinking what's in it for me, and for millennials they probably will do things for a cause that they believe in. Wiki type content management perhaps people can submit contents that are pending approval? The thought here was to just make it open. Read a story about Elastic Search and on how the founder was dumbfounded as it gained traction after it was put in an opensource git repo. Thanks!
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 demo   
    To answer your questions in general:
    - osCommerce v4 will be based on the latest version of the Ecommerce platform that has been in development for the last 5.5 years. Not sure about which instance you've seen, but osCommerce v4 will be based on the latest PHP for this year - PHP 8. There are no plans to have an Ecommerce platform competing with osCommerce on the same market after osCommerce v4 is released. 
    - osCommerce v4 is a considerable difference to osCommerce v2 and other solutions, however we would not recommend investing time into learning of the previous versions of this Ecommerce platform. There could be differences in design templates, data structure, etc. There are currently no plans to move customers from their websites built using the previous version of the platform to osCommerce v4. 
    - osCommerce v4 is, first of all, for this community of merchants, developers, designers, consultants, everyone. And of course it is for the world - for far too many years this great brand was not developing and it is time to bring it back to prominence. 
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    Fredi reacted to ejsolutions in osCommerce v4 demo   
    For some strange reason, the developers want a 'phone chat in order to even see the demo! (Nobody here hard-of-hearing or deaf?)
    I'm interested in seeing what resources are required to run a small to mid-size store. What is the underlying code like, in terms of tweaks and customisation, to suit client needs? How about just releasing the 'alpha'/'beta' software, so that some of us with a strong osC background can properly see the progress and perhaps even make useful suggestions?
    I've tried out various e-commerce packages in a fruitless attempt to update my few though loyal clients. So far, there's only been one or two "close but no cigar" candidates. There tends to be shortcomings in them all but it's a question of what one can compromise with. Without actually trying the software, there's no real way to tell and no amount of screenshots/YT videos will really get to core issues.
    TLDR: release the code - even if only to a select group.
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in Currencies and Rounding   
    osCommerce v4 will support multiple languages and multiple currencies. Currencies are managed in the back end, under Settings / Localization / Currencies 

    Similar to how it was implemented in previous versions of osCommerce, it is possible to add new or manage existing currencies and set:
    - currency symbol (left and / or right)
    - decimal and thousand separator 
    - decimal digits 
    - the exchange rate against the default currency
    Exchange rate can be updated manually or automatically (via Oanda).
    HOWEVER, in osCommerce v4 there exists a new feature called Marketing Prices!

    Marketing prices feature, when enabled (disabled by default), allows setting up custom product price in each currency. So, one and the same product can be $9.99, £8.99, and €9.95 not depending on the actual exchange rate!
    More than that, with Marketing prices comes another wonderful solution called Rounding, something our Swiss customers, for example, will surely appreciate.

    Rounding allows to set how marketing prices shall be rounded in the chosen currency, or how they should all be transformed. There exists an option to round all prices in the selected currency to 0.05 - meaning that 2.21 CHF will turn into 2.20 CHF and 19.93 CHF - into 19.95 CHF. Also to 0.10, or 0.00. There exists an option to set all decimals in all prices to 0.00, or 0.99, or 0.95.  
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    Fredi got a reaction from osCommerce-Official in The Unit conversion   
    For stores selling goods to different countries, this option will be useful.
    It will be good if this option is associated with the buyer's country, for example, through the tables in the database - coustomers or address_book or address_format, or zones.
    The client can choose the parameters of weight and dimensions when creating an account or placing an order.
    There should be an option to change these parameters when completing the checkout.

    A customer from England can place an order for his beloved girl who lives in France, and the seller's store is located in California.
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in DB "customer_bascet"   
    Peter, it may be that shopping cart (basket) is stored in a completely different new way. Will be very happy to offer you the code once it becomes available - can't wait in fact  
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in Order Editor   
    osCommerce v4 comes with a built-in facility to create new orders  (MOTO - mail order / telephone order) and edit existing orders.
    The process of creating an order and editing an existing order is very similar, and uses the same interface in the back end.
    To create a new order the operator shall first choose the sale channel (in case of multiple sale channels), and then either choose an existing customer account or create a new one.
    NOTE: the front end and back end of osCommerce v4 may share payment and shipping methods, but one can have specific backend-only payment and shipping methods. However, if a payment or shipping method is linked to a 3rd party API, that API integration will work as well in the front end as in the back end.
    Adding products is quite easy to a new order. The operator can search by product model, name, etc. Before product gets added to the order, product price can be edited and quantity of items chosen. 
    Order total modules can be edited too. So it is possible to add any type of discount or surcharge, or use an existing coupon that will apply discount as if it was applied in the front end. 
    One done with creating a new order or editing an existing one, the operator shall press the Update and Pay button. It then offers 3 options: 
    - just save - i.e. just save the order without recording any amount paid, thus not evaluation order status further 
    - mark as paid - i.e. if the order was paid for over the phone or in any other way
    - send secure payment link - osCommerce will email the payment link to the customer, so that the customer could pay via the website's secure checkout using one of the available payment methods (works really well with 3d secure, for example)
    In case of a refund being due, it is possible to refund the money to the customer via a compatible payment method, or simply update the order if the refund is being processed outside of osCommerce. 
    osCommerce keep track of amounts paid, and allows to see the amount due or amount owed to the customer.
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    Fredi reacted to ozEworks in Order Editor   
    Excellent. This needs to be part of the out of the box offering. 
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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product quantiy discount   
    Yes, sure! Quantity discounts is a part of osCommerce v4
    Please see how it looks in the back end and front end. 

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    Fredi reacted to Gyakutsuki in The Unit conversion   
    Just a little question, Do you include this conversion function (gram, kg, liter, pounds ....) ?
    And a weight conversion system for example ?
    In Europe we use the kg by default, in Uk is the pounds, another country can be different.

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    Fredi reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    What will soon become osCommerce v4 has been in development for the last 5 years or so. It was conceived with the intention to have an Ecommerce platform that is modern, secure, flexible, relatively easy to upgrade, and has soooo many features that it can offer solutions to various businesses, of different sizes, from different industries and countries.
    There are a few hundred businesses using it at the moment. Businesses whose success can to some degree be contributed to the platform, as it automates a number of processes and operations, improves data quality, speeds things up from the users' point of view, etc.
    Our intention is to offer this platform to existing osCommerce users and developers, and broader public as such (i.e. people and businesses who didn't hear of osCommerce, or heard of osCommerce 10 years ago, or got upset with osCommerce not moving forward when the rest of the world did and switched to something else) so that we could redevelop the brand and community, and turn it into a very popular and successful Ecommerce solution and business for everyone involved into it.
    It takes some time to create osCommerce v4 from the current platform, and this is what we are working on now. We are looking to make it ready for php 8. We are moving some parts of the functionality into the add-ons. We're working on the manuals for users and developers, and so on. 
    We are really looking forward to releasing osCommerce v4 as soon as possible. And then - will continue working on it, releasing new features as apps and new versions several times a year (but not too often).
    We would be very happy to see you and everyone else using osCommerce v4 in this or that way. Creating and running new successful websites with it. Creating new apps, modules, design themes. Offering development support and Ecommerce consulting to businesses. There are so many things we can do together!
    And if somebody wants to still use some old osCommerce or another shopping cart for any reasons - so be it, it is totally fine. We want to see osCommerce v4 considered on its merits, on what positive change and improvements it can bring to the business - either of the online retailer or of osCommerce developer.
    You're welcome to get in touch via the Contact page, happy to have a phone chat with you. 
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    Fredi got a reaction from osCommerce-Official in Translations   
    Russian language - no problem. Continuous support and updates.
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    Fredi reacted to ruden in Vanilla osCommerce   
    Vanilla osCommerce this fork osCommerce v2.3.5
    Demo: https://demo.osclab.com/vanilla-oscommerce/
    Changelog: https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/blob/dev/CHANGELOG.md
    Minimal core changes.
    No changes in code architecture and structure, just modularized and hook.
    Full compatibility of add-ons with Marketplace.
    Never worry about speed again.
    Added Composer
    Default used character set utf8mb4
    SMTP send email with Swift Mailer (tep_mail wrap swiftmailer)
    Removed wrapper tep_not_null, tep_session_is_register, tep_session_unregister
    Support SSL used default
    Username and password recheck bypassed #658
    Allows to execute several file types #631
    SEO Optimization
    Correct HTTP status code 404
    New Header Tags module Open Graph, Rich Snippets, Twitter Product Card
    Modularized the XML sitemap (products, categories, manufacturers, product images)
    Removed native search engine friendly urls
    Front-end based on Bootstrap 5 and use mobile-friendly template.
    Changed the structure of folders with images and added control over images.
    Removed all right and left boxing.
    Removed jQuery in front-end.
    Back-end without changes.

    Add add-ons
    PHP log errors
    Cookie notice and compliance for GDPR/CCPA
    Menu Sorting Products (modularized)
    Information Pages
    Recently Viewed Products
    New Reviews system
    Wishlist system
    Box Product Filter (modularized)
    Added Spanish language
    New layout modules Footer, Header (modularized)
    New content modules Index, Product Info (modularized)
    Whos Online
    Banner system
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    Fredi reacted to Hotclutch in App Store or Add-on Store or...?   
    Add-On or Plug-In. There are other free and opensource projects that use these names for extensions so i would call them that. Also "contribution" would be a fine description for the free extensions like in the past.
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    Fredi reacted to YePix in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Phoenix is an osCommerce FORK. Whoever wants to use it should do it. I've always been of the opinion that osCommerce is also osCommerce. In my opinion, everything that is not osCommerce should be removed from this forum to avoid confusion. Addons that are not compatible with osCommerce are also a danger for pure osCommerce software. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to the return of the king.