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  1. Dear Sirs! I have a major big problem with Phoenix. I can’t move my old site to Phoenix. My problem is that I use the article manager and information pages. This works in the admin panel, but not on the site. I think we need to write a new module: Information Manager. It makes no sense to configure the old article manager. We need a universal module that will include several options for one type of page: - Articles (blogs) - Information Pages - FAQ - News - Support service I think that the structure for all these pages can be the same, and different pages for displaying the same type: articles.php Informations.php faq.php news.php support.php In Admin, a universal editor based on TinyMCE, for example. Such a module exists and has been tested, but it can and should be slightly modified to add ready-made page templates or page fragments to pages. You also need a table template and several card deck templates. In the end, it will be Phoenix CMS. This will be a powerful addition to the kernel code. There can be two versions: easy - free and full professional - commercial version. The code should be written in the style of Phoenix, simple, compact and adaptive for BS. 100% compatible with Phoenix. I am looking for people in our community who can take this serious task to accomplish. It can be one programmer or we must make a team of several people who are interested in this module. If we begin this work, I will help as much as possible in creating this add-on. I am not an encoder, but I have a little knowledge in programming and I understand well the general concept of building such an addon.
  2. I made my first translation into Russian for osCommerce in 2002. I am grateful to all members of the community who participated in improving and expanding my first translation and full osCommerce. Today I made a correction of the old versions of the translation for Phoenix include translation for PayPal. The package includes all files in Russian, fully adapted to the English version. Zip Archive uploaded to https://apps.oscommerce.com/c=languages
  3. CE-Phoenix-Russian-language full version updated.
  4. CE-Phoenix-Russian-language. Upgrade to full version Thanks Yurius for testing and help. Send to apps.oscommerce.com/v=cephoenix10&c=languages
  5. I tried to install the Admin BS, but deleted it, since I have many additional modules and it is not successful to adapt them. The new modern Admin is necessary for the Phoenix. But no one does it. What version of BS Admin do you use?
  6. For me it is also important. Banner Manager removed. How to be? My banners advertise my products. I analyze user click activity of banners. This helps determine the popularity of products. Now you need to create a new module or save the old version of the Admin? If a new banner module is created, I think it can be simplified, but leave compatibility with the database in which there is information. This is important for older stores that have used this option for many years. If someone will create a module, you need to pay attention to the graph function. she is very outdated. To graphically display banner statistics, you can use the modern options of the BS.
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    In my TinyMCE version of the built-in editor, another external module is added. The code. It provides color code display and line numbering. Check this option also please. Import of the user.css file is also included. This makes it easy to embed your stylesheet in any editable file. If you installed my version of the editor, please check these options as well.
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    I want to use this file manager to upload image pictures. This would be very convenient for visually forming a gallery of product images. But unfortunately I am not an encoder and I can’t do it myself, I think it’s not difficult, but I lack programming knowledge and experience.
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    Yes, this is a large file. It includes the full version of TinyMCE with additional modules. I want to be tested and then it will be possible to add a module option to Addons.
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    And change please line 51 toyour language. language: 'ru', in file includes/hooks/admin/siteWide/tinymce.php
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    Has anyone from the community tried my version with a file manager?
  13. OK. I remove my question. Thank you for your time.
  14. I installed your module and it didn’t work. I have been looking for a reason for a long time. And I found her. We don’t know how browsers are configured for our customers and we don’t know whether they will see our banners or not. Therefore, I turned to you to try to find a solution to this problem. There is a problem.
  15. "WEB Filter AVIRA" on to all sites. Image 1 "WEB Filter AVIRA" off to my site. Image 2 Test please my tested Phoenix V https://fenix.arbat22.com/index.php
  16. I understand it. You need to think about how to get around this. Maybe you need to change the name of the Banner Manager? I use my banners to advertise my products. I advertise myself. Let's think about how this can be solved.
  17. Interesting fact. If the "WEB Filter AVIRA" module is installed in your browser, banner display is blocked. This is blocked as a third-party ad. How to get around this?
  18. I think this small change can be made to the kernel module: includes/modules/boxes/bm_categories.php Add 2 lines to the module configuration after line 63. setMaximumLevel = And a line that sets the format for how the indentation for subcategories will be displayed. This will affect the file: category_tree.php But I think Burt can do it in 5 minutes! This will give great flexibility to boxing categories. Phoenix should be as convenient as possible for the owner of the store and for the user. Unfortunately, this can increase the load time by 0.0001 second, but this is not a problem.
  19. I agree with Burt. Recounting the quantity of goods is impractical. But showing subcategories in the menu is very desirable. They do not need to be hidden.
  20. A small addition: to make it look pretty, you can change the icon, its color and size. $spacer_string = '<span style="font-size: 1.15em; color: Green;"><i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right">&nbsp;</i></span>',
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    The addon works very well, but to expand the capabilities I installed it locally and additionally added 2 external modules: A flexible file manager and an advanced code editor. I think that you need to check and apply the security options that are in the file manager and expand the capabilities of working with this add-on, for example, to download product images to make it convenient and visual. This also allows you to adapt the user.pxp file to the editor. If you want to check the operation of my version with the local TINY, try and give your recommendations for the full adaptation of this option. NinyMCE editor in Phoenix. I think this addon should be one of the main ones for the new version of the Admin. Application: 1. Product Description 2. Description of categories 3. Information pages and information blocks on other pages. (I think we need an advanced module of information content with the ability to add additional information pages to the store’s website). 4. Articles 5. Categories of articles. It will be a powerful content editor. Information content is an important part of the content of commercial sites, and if this is a real Phoenix option, this is an additional opportunity for its rapid promotion. Installation: Upload files/ Edit please 2 files:admin/ext/tinymce/filemanager/config/config.phpincludes/hooks/admin/siteWide/tinymce.phpChange - YOUR_SITE - to your site domain name Download ZIP file Thank You puddlec !!!
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    TinyMCE editor for admin

    Thanks for your addon. Easy and quick to install. Installed locally on the test site Phoenix and added responsive_filemanager as a module. It is very convenient to work, especially with images.