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  1. Hello Jack! Thank You. DEFAULT - InnoDB. Current Version MySQL 5.7.32 I can update my server to version: MariaDB 10.3 There are several sites on the server, including old ones, one of them works at OsCommers v-OsC 2-3-4. There is a warning on the server that the database may break during the update. However, I want to try updating. I will make a full backup of all databases and try to update.
  2. Thank You @ecartz for your great work cleaning up the code and fixing small bugs. Thank you for reading my messages and recommendations.
  3. Thank you very much Mr. @burt for the next update of the kernel code. I'm very glad you started cleaning up the code and removing a lot of unnecessary spaces in blank lines and at the end of lines. Super! It's a good idea to replace $languages[$i]['id'] to $l['id']. This replacement makes the code lighter. Replacing <?php echo XXXXX; ?> to <?= XXXXX ?> is also good. But you did it inaccurately. You need to delete ; The part is well done, but in most cases ; remained in place. Please check the updated files. $contents[] = ['text' => '<i class="fas fa-info-circle text-muted"></i> <strong>' . TEXT_INFO_VERSION . '</strong> ' . $sversion . ' (<a href="http://sig.oscommerce.com/' . $mInfo->signature . '" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" rel="noreferrer">' . TEXT_INFO_ONLINE_STATUS . '</a>)']; Replacing please rel="noreferrer" rel="noreferrer" to rel="noreferrer" Thank you very much for your great work!
  4. Database check result: Why are some tables in the database written in the format InnoDB and some in the format MyISAM I think the format should be the same. How can you convert your database tables to have the same format? InnoDB Works faster, but takes up 2 times more space on the server. What recommendations can you offer? This is an important question, because the old versions worked in the format MyISAM and when transferring the old OsCommers store to Phoenix, what should be considered?
  5. Fredi

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I installed everything. Problem with modifying products_attributes.php file in Options Images BS v1.6.1 by Tsimi module. This file is very old and does not match the modern modified Admin kernel. This is the only problem. It needs a lot of changes to add the attribute images. Everything is much easier with the weight option. There are few changes to your module.
  6. Fredi

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Ok, Rainer. The error I'm having is related to trying to add attribute images to your module. If I install your module unchanged, it works great ! 👍
  7. Fredi

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Thank you very much for your answer, Rainer! Weight option is highly desirable in our store. Some product attributes are weighted and change the total weight of the order. Therefore, the weight adjustment option will be a useful option for stores. Such an example: we for example sell a valves for irrigation systems. This valve has the same structure but different weight. If we use a product attribute such as diameter, for example 1/2 ", 3/4", 1.0 ", 1 1/4", 1.5 ", 2", the weight of the item is very different. There are two options: place 6 products on the site, or place 1 product, but with 6 attributes. Picture options are also very convenient to work with. For example, drippers for irrigation have a water flow rate of 0.8, 1.2, 2.0, 4.0 liters per hour. They have the same design and differ in color. They have a very small difference in weight, but when a customer orders 100 or 1000 pieces, the weight option also matters. I think if we can modify the module using these two options, we will get a fully functional module that will be useful for many stores.
  8. Fredi

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello dear Rainer. Please tell me if there is a solution to the question I asked?
  9. Fredi

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thanks a lot for answering Jack. I know these guys won't give an answer. They have such a principle. Harald's updates required a lot of work, but were very simple. Updating in connection with the transition to the SSL was also not very difficult. Updates related to changes in the PHP version were also not very difficult. Most of the users did all these updates themselves. Order from professional coders. It is possible, but if you need 1-2 modules. When you need to update an old, large, multifunctional store in which there are many modules, everyone refuses such work. I made applications to almost all the leading coders of OsCommers, but everyone refused my order. I have kept the applications and answers to them in my archive. The main answer is "sorry, I have a lot of work and I don't have time to deal with your store ..." The problem is big. Today's concept - a stable breaking of the kernel code once a month, creates additional problems. Which coder would dare to adapt an existing store for a phoenix? What guarantees can the encoder give to the customer? Nothing wrong. Life is a difficult and difficult path. We will go forward, even if there are artificial obstacles on the way.
  10. Fredi

    Jssor Slider

    Thank You Jack! Installed the module on a test site, everything works SUPER!👍👌
  11. Fredi

    Article Manager v1.0

    Unfortunately I have not received a response from the Phoenix CORE CODERS. What reason? Don't you have an answer? Do you know how to do this? Or does OpenSource not provide information about the code, its structure and the concept of specific software? Thank you very much dear coders.
  12. Fredi

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello Rainer! I've been using your wonderful module for many years now, but at OsCommers. Installed the latest version on my Phoenix test store When I enter it, there is a warning:Notice: Undefined offset: 222 in /admin/attributeManager/classes/attributeManager.class.php on line 237Notice: Undefined offset: 229 in /admin/attributeManager/classes/attributeManager.class.php on line 237 In the old store I also use the weight and attribute images add-ons. These 2 additions have not been updated for many years and do not correspond to modern PCP versions. Special issue with "Attribute Image" that requires a big change to the products_attributes.php file I tried it, but not everything worked out. File \admin\attributeManager\languages\russian\attributeManager.php has an unreadable format (encoding does not correspond to UTF-8). I fixed that, new translation in the attached file. Please replace it in your Attribute Manager. Thank you for your wonderful and easy-to-use addon. I really want it to work correctly in Phoenix. attributeManager.zip
  13. Hello Rene! My attitude is very positive! I am very grateful to @burt for his help with Ad Manager! I am very grateful to @бурт for becoming my PHP and Bootstrap, js, jquery teacher. You see? I already have successes. I find bugs in the kernel code. Why are you, the members of the club, not looking for mistakes? And I have to do it - an old Jew ... 😈 Everything is very positive! Hooray!
  14. Your currency turned out to be difficult. For the correct display, you need to do a little editing. We remove the sign , in the thousands field. Enter the currency rate in this format: 3700.29 This is how your currency looks like on the website. Now everything is OK!
  15. In the Administration menu Localization, select - Currencies. In the window that opens, fill in all the fields. What currency will be the main one on the site? if it is US dollar, check the exchange rates on the internet. Today this rate = 3,700.29 Enter this number in the Value field: Click on the Save button. From time to time you will have to manually adjust this figure if the exchange rate changes. You can check the rate of your currency on the website: XE Successful addition of your currency!