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  1. stuh

    Get 1 Free

    Chris, Your Multiple Product (from categories) buy to get one free (the cheapest) is exactly what i have been looking for, for a couple of months. Have you managed to get yours working ? Since i am looking for the same thing if you need any help i would be happy to oblige Stu
  2. stuh

    Three for Two Offer (3 for 2)

    Yeti197, this sounds very interesting. If you dont mind, would you let me know when you have it finished. I would be happy to help out with any beta testing you want to do. Thanks Stu
  3. stuh

    Three for Two Offer (3 for 2)

    Crash 9303, i think i may have seen this while i was searching. I am not sure if it will do but will have a look at it. Thanks for your help Stu
  4. My Shop owner would like to implement a Offer 3 for 2 offer system. Basically i want to select apprix 10 products, when the user selects three of them the cheapest is added for nothing. i have tried searching the forum and contributions for something like this but to no avail. Can Anyone help? Stu