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  1. getting this unwanted text in shipping method. How do i sort this problem out?
  2. getting this coming up when i go to checkout under shipping methods. any idea how to fix? Please select the preferred shipping method to use on this order. Please Select MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRST_TEXT_TITLE MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRST_TEXT_WAY : 0.022 MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRST_TEXT_UNITS MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRST_DELIVERY_TIMES £1.00 MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRSTREC_TEXT_TITLE MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRSTREC_TEXT_WAY : 0.022 MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRSTREC_TEXT_UNITS MODULE_SHIPPING_RMFIRSTREC_DELIVERY_TIMES £1.68 how do i tidy this up?
  3. Will be selling cards, singly and in groups. I need to set up the store so that the total no. of cards purchased is displayed and use this to calculate shipping. can i set product up so it has a numerical value dependant on no of cards it represents? I intend two different postal options for each purchase and 2 different price groups (1 for X-cards and under, 1 for Y-Cards and over) etc. Also i will need to do same for different zones. UK , Europe, USA. Can anyone out there help? havent a clue. this is my first time building a website. Help!
  4. Will be selling cards, singly and in groups. how can i set up shipping to reflect total no. cards in shopping cart and set the product up to reflect how many cards in product. for example could i assign a value of 10 to a pack of 10 cards? any help in setting up shipping in this way would be appreciated. Cheers!