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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    @djmonkey That makes sense, guess I should have looked in the database. I don't actually need it seperated I just didn't want it to get truncated off the discription. Thanks again. Also going to have to edit the code so that it can tell when to pull the two variables for the order being placed and when to pull the one variable when its being edited.
  2. Niagol

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hey djmonkey, thanks for updating the 5.0 to a stable code straight from the contrib. Install went fine and even caused me to find an error in my configuration file that I was unaware of. However I have an issue. One of my shipping modules is not getting some information from the order this is the following code. $restaurantname = $order->customer['firstname']; $restaurantname2 = $order->customer['lastname']; This is inside the regions shipping module which actually is three seperate shipping types. I have it setup for Pickup, Delivery and Full service. Each has its own shipping module file. My pickup one should say the customers name while the other two pull in the address. I have tested the code from the other two in the first one and the following code works, its just not the customers name $testname = $order->delivery['state']; So I know where to make the changes, I just don't know why its not pulling in the customer data during the order editing section. It works fine in a normal ordering situation. Thank you thank you thank you once again because everything else works great. edit: guess I should note that in the first box that code makes it return nothing for those two variables, just blank.
  3. Niagol

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I've applied those changes as insani posted (only had missed one) and that made the tax show up but pressing update still makes the tax get deleted. For some reason that line is not getting added into the total and it is removing it from the database or overwriting it in the database! I've reverted back out the modification and am hoping that an update to either 4 or 5 comes out solid with bug fixes already completed in the package because i'm working with a live server and don't want to take down the site on accident. Thanks for the hard work you guys do for these great contribs.
  4. Niagol

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hey Insaini, any reason why my MI TAX 6% line shows up when I first edit the order but as soon as I hit update the line disappears both from the order and from the database. It also doesn't then update the total so I get a subtotal and total line that is exactly the same. Thanks. Anthony
  5. Niagol

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Don't know why this is the only one that shows up but in admin/edit_orders.php around line 2272, I just deleted that entire line. It doesn't appear to affect functionality in any way. Anthony
  6. Niagol

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Having trouble with version 4.0.2 For some reason, any time I edit a customer made order, my "MI TAX 6%" line will just disappear. When I goto the order edit screen this is listed between the Sub-Total and the Total line as it should but it is not updated just like the total box isn't updated. As soon as I hit update the order is updated without the tax!!! and my MI TAX 6% line is gone, including from the database! Any Idea why or where to look? anthony.scott@fazolismichigan.com Thanks Anthony