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  1. yeah, I noticed that too, but did a replace string in the 'product_info.php' to reflect a third image. It may sound silly to do this but everything being sold on the site is our own personal artwork and I would like every image to be as pristine as possible. This is exactly what I wanted to know as it gives me a better understanding of the mod and OSC in general, so thank you for that! :)
  2. The reason I like this approach better is that customizing OSC for me is very convoluted and confusing so the less changes made everywhere the better. I found a solutuon to this by opening the More Pics 6 1.2c modded 'popup_image.php' file and immediately after line 103: $img = DIR_WS_IMAGES . $insert; I added: $img = str_replace('.', '_b.', $img); and things seem to be working fine as long as my popup (large) image is named appropriately with the "_b" appended to the end. I don't know if this solution is leaving something out of the over all scope of things, so some feedback would be appreciated.
  3. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but in regards to the QuickFix hack; wouldn't it be easier to have the 'popup_image.php' file run a function that searched for "product_b.gif" as opposed to hacking every other file to have it display the "product_s.gif"? So this way, when creating a product, you upload your thumbnail images at the the happy and and static values of "Small Image Width/Height" which OSC already uses to display everywhere, then when 'popup_image.php' is run, the modified code searches for the file name with an appended "_b". Again, correct me if I am wrong as I am not a master programmer by any regard, but with my limited knowlege this seems possible. -Aloha -C.A.D.