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  1. I'm having a very similar issue. It was just reported to me yesterday by a customer and yet again today. The error was showing in the URL bar as the first 4 digits entered are %3 which I didn't know was what was littering being passed to Authorize.net until I talked to one of their reps. I've had this module installed since September with 0 issues. I also have this one installed rather than the one by Harald because I couldn't get his to not give me an error no matter what I did. If anyone has any idea on where to start looking it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. pedgette

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    bjcworks - Thanks for including the update. it now works perfectly :)
  3. pedgette

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    I've also got the same update problem as others. I have this installation my personal store running MS2 but I've justed added this to a clients RC2 store that I started last week and cannot get the update function to work, shows blank as described as others. If anyone who has posted here in the past has found the solution please report back with the fix.
  4. pedgette

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Jan Zonjee - Thanks, I'm not sure how I passed that part over in the install notes.
  5. pedgette

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks for the great contribution, it's great for the new store I'm putting together. I have been able to do test purchases and everything works fine so far except one small thing. With the wholesale account I have setup, when I go to a category the price shows retail. When I click on the product I then see the wholesale price. When it's in my cart or in the what's new info box it also shows the correct wholesale price. I couldn't pin point why this is happening. I thought it would be in the catalog/index.php file but I've rewrote and double checked the code in there twice without any luck. If anyone could point me into the right direction that would be great. Thanks.
  6. pedgette

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Does anyone know how to exclude sub directories? In the exclude portion of the contribution it allows pages within the root of the catalog to be excluded but it does not allow full sub directories to be excluded. What I have is a picture gallery that is loaded from www.mypage/galleryname/index.html where my regular catalog is just in the root od the directory. I would like the entire /galleryname/ directory to be excluded but I have not yet figured out how to do so. I tried to find where the /admin/ directory was excluded since the SEO url's would have no business there, then copy that code to exclude my image gallery, but was unable to find where that is set. Any help would be appreciated, otherwise this has been a great mod for my store. Thanks.
  7. copy and paste line 520 from your code in your next reply.
  8. I just finished the install myself and had the exact same question. i found this line: $this->contents[$products_id_string]['attributes'][$option] = $value; and went from there, the whole thing seems to be working fine right now, but I will be doing more testing tomorrow.
  9. pedgette

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    Chris, I've been trying to find a solution for my problem between a friend and myself and still haven't come up with one. My post is on the previous page. I understand that you are busy, I just wanted to make sure that you see it since it has been pushed back a little with other responses. Thanks for the great contrib though, it's working good on the pages that it does display on.
  10. pedgette

    Enable PayPal Express Checkout, quick question

    Ok, I guess I thought this worked a little differently and no longer required a user to have an account to make a purchase. But after I was redirected to the login page I used one of my testing login names and finished a payment through the sandbox server, is this exactly how it's suppose to work? Thanks for your time.
  11. I have uploaded all of the new files to the correct directories and have done the manual file edits using this guide, http://svn.oscommerce.com/fisheye/changelo...ommerce?cs=1699 I went into admin>modules>payment and enabled the module and inserted by sandbox info. I then went to my site and test it, the paypal image shows up fine but when I click on it I'm redirected to login.php. I copied the URL that the button links to and it is: mysite.com/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php I'm not sure where I went wrong, any insight would be great. Thanks.
  12. pedgette

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    Chris, I'm not sure if I'm following what you are saying so I'll just give you my examples. On this main category, http://www.paintballer 187.com/index.php?cPath=33 I have a textbox saved with "test" inside of it. This text box does not show up. Now on this category, http://www.paintballer 187.com/index.php?cPath=60 that does not have any sub categories the box shows up fine. I've also added it to a few sub categories like this one, http://www.paintballer 187.com/index.php?cPath=68_69 For the lines that needed to be added to index.php I've tried to alter the first section that is suggested to go around line 71 by taking out the if statement and basically hard coding the include line in just to make sure there wasn't a problem with the if statement. (a space was put into the URLs above since I'm not sure if direct links are allowed)
  13. pedgette

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    I'm having a problem showing the text box on the main category with subcategories. If I have a category without any sub categories the box shows up fine, but if I want the textbox to show in the main category before someone clicks into a sub category I cannot get the box to show up. Any idea on what would cause this? The config for show in main and in subs is set to true.
  14. pedgette

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    I've installed this contribution and love it. The only thing that I would like to do is have more than 25 notes viewable on a single page. What file do I need to edit to make this possible, and will editing the file to make this change affect other admin pages? I ask because I believe it's a variable that has a wider scope than just this contribution. Thanks.
  15. pedgette

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thank you. I've spent way to much time reading this thread for an answer like this to solve my problems.