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  1. offie


    Just a quick update, I copied across the original reference file from the download files and over wrote the file on my store and it appears to work properly now. I can now delete the refence file and create a new one. thank you Michael
  2. offie


    Hi again, hope you are well. I am still having problems with the program returning to a white screen. You say it could be because there are too many files and its timing out. Is there a way to manually empty the file so that no files are present? Also I do not seem to have the instance option, my version is V2.9. Do you think it would be best up remove sitemonitor and then install it again? I am sure just cleaning out the refernce file would be the best and quickest option but what do you think? Thank you Michael
  3. Hi, I have downloaded and installed this template but the categories and products do not line up correctly. Is there a forum for this template or can you provide direct help. Thank you Michael
  4. Hi kymation,hope you are well. You are the main guy for this addon and I really want to install it as it looks like a great contribution but I cant continue untilI know the answer to my small question. I am asked to modify some files which I dont appear tohave in my store. Are the instructions wrong orout of date? The files are: catalog/ext/jquery/star_rating/jquery.rating.css catalog/ext/jquery/star_rating/jquery.rating.pack.js catalog/includes/modules/tell_a_friend.php Please help, thanks Michael
  5. Thank you for that. However I have 3 other files which I am asked to modify which I dont appear to have in my store. These are: catalog/ext/jquery/star_rating/jquery.rating.css catalog/ext/jquery/star_rating/jquery.rating.pack.js catalog/includes/modules/tell_a_friend.php I dont even have the folder catalog/ext/jquery/star_rating Where are these files or is this a mistake or are they new files? Any help in pointing the right way much appreciated. Michael
  6. Hi, I have just looked through all 21 pages of this thread as I was certain I would find the answer to an obvious question and am totally surprised that it has not been asked. Maybe I have missed something or I'm thick but going through the install of this excellent contribution I am asked to upload new files which includes the file catalog/includes/boxes/products_filter.php. Now I have looked and re-looked, I have downloaded other earlier versions of this contribution in case its been missed with version 1.1.11. but alas no file either in your download folder or in my store. I am using Osc 2.3.1. Please advise, and thank you. Michael
  7. offie

    Paypal Express not taking payments

    Sorry I can't be more helpful but I decided ages ago not to use Express Checkout as I could not find an answer to my problem so I just used PayPal Website Payments Standard instead. This means I can not now see if what your asking was done. I am sure though that I had done all that I was meant to do but I can not be 100% certain now. Sorry
  8. Hi Dan, just a quick question. I see you are using version 2.3.1of Osc so how do you get around the code problem in catalog/admin/orders.php? As you will know, the code we are asked to look for in catalog/admin/orders.php is different in Osc 2.3.1 and several people have asked the question about this code without reply so far, so to find someone who is using this great add-on in 2.3.1 gives us all hope. ps,if you did not find your answer about the strange A character with the pound sign look at this post by me a number of months ago. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/375854-strange-letter-a-before-prices/page__view__findpost__p__1592892 Thanks, Michael
  9. offie

    osC reCaptcha

    Hi, I have successfully installed this contribution to version 2.3.1. My question is,does anyone know how to change the text layout so that a black blot does not appear behind the letters/words as most of the words are hard to read and I keep having to refresh the text so I can workout what both words say? I hope that makes sense? Michael
  10. offie

    Trying to load WYSIWYG

    Thank you, this saved me a lot of time searching on the internet for the answer you have laid out here and which was so easy to follow.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, I knew you would be helpful. I am sure myself that I have used an earlier version which worked so I guess I will have to do a trial and error sequence until I get there. I will update here if I do manage it so it will help others. Thanks again for your help Michael
  12. Hi GeoffreyWalton, sorry to trouble you like this but I have been reading through the posts again today and you seem to be the only person who is helping out others at the moment so I was wondering if you knew of an answer to the post I sent a couple of messages back? #8644. I have a whole load of footwear items to load to my store with many colour and size attributes so I really need to get to the bottom of my attributes not loading correctly and any help would be a massive favour. Thanks Michael
  13. Hi, I see many people are asking the same question without much of a reply. Basically I also have just noticed that if I load my items with lots of attributes only the item gets loaded and no attributes at all. I have run a test with only one item. I gave it lots of attributes via admin and saved them. I then downloaded that item to my computer with all attributes in place. I checked the downloaded CSV file to make sure everything was there, it was. I then deleted the item from my store. I then uploaded the item again via Easy Populate with all the attributes on the CSV file but it loaded without 1 single attribute. When I click "Insert into database" I get the file uploaded message and it also shows all the attributes in the list below this but they have not loaded. Does anybody know why this may happen? What does load is the item title, the price, the description if any and the image but no attributes. Thanks and fingers crossed. Michael
  14. offie

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Just to clarify the above, the extra piece of code that removed was also written in the "change code" so these were two instances of the same two lines above. perhaps the install instructions should include this piece of code when telling you what to look for and change. However it is quite possible that other versions of Osc do not have that line installed and I have not checked to see so you can check your own versions instead. Thanks again.
  15. offie

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I have just done some testing and amended the code piece by piece and tested the admin side after each change and the white screen is appearing after changing the code in catalog/admin/modules.php. This piece of code is causing the problems: Find: eval('$keys .= ' . $value['set_function'] . "'" . $value['value'] . "', '" . $key . "');"); } else { Replace with: eval('$keys .= ' . $value['set_function'] . "'" . $value['value'] . "', '" . $key . "');"); // STS V4.6 drop start } else { if($key == 'MODULE_STS_TEMPLATE_FOLDER'){ $dir_name = array(); if ($handle = opendir('../'.MODULE_STS_TEMPLATES_FOLDER.'/')) { while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) { $pos = strpos($file, "."); if($pos === false){ $dir_name[] = array("id" => $file, "text" => $file); $i++; } } closedir($handle); } $keys .= tep_draw_pull_down_menu('configuration[MODULE_STS_TEMPLATE_FOLDER]', $dir_name, $value['value']); }else{ $keys .= tep_draw_input_field('configuration[' . $key . ']', $value['value']); } } // STS V4.6 drop end Once I do this change then I get a white screen as soon as I click the link Modules in my admin. I have discovered the problem was that I had an identical piece of code just below the change which was: $keys .= tep_draw_input_field('configuration[' . $key . ']', $value['value']); } So once I removed this the page did not go white anymore. Hope this helps someone else. Thank you