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    Paypal Pay Flow Pro

    Hello, I have just installed a new version of os commerce along with the most recent pay flow pro contribution. I followed the readme word for word, replacing the lines in the 2 checkout .php files and chmodding the two files in /bin/. However im having the following problem: when i sign up for an account, add an item and goto the checkout I am presented with the Pay Flow Pro payment module. I am currently using the hostname test-payflow.veritas.com (or whatever it is). I enter a random card no. ie 4111 1111 1111 1111 along with a random CVV and expiry date but it doesnt work. It proceeds to the 3rd page but when u confirm the sale it skips back to page 2 everytime. Does anyone have any idea why? Is there anyway to include a way to pay for items from current paypal funds also? Cheers, Andrew Robins
  2. drews1f

    Paypal Pay Flow Pro

    As Landerson said, I also have the Proxy write error. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this as I am desperate to get trading! Cheers