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  1. jreach

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    Can someone whose USPS.PHP module is working post the code for it? I want to check some strings.
  2. jreach

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    I am guessing we need to change this code: $this->intl_types = array('GXG Document' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Document Service', 'GXG Non-Document' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Service', 'Express' => 'Global Express Mail (EMS)', 'Priority Lg' => 'Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Large)', 'Priority Sm' => 'Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small)', 'Priority Var' => 'Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight Envelope (Single)', 'Airmail Letter' => 'Airmail Letter-post', 'Airmail Parcel' => 'Airmail Parcel Post', 'Surface Letter' => 'Economy (Surface) Letter-post', 'Surface Post' => 'Economy (Surface) Parcel Post'); its located around line 50...will try it and let you know what happens.
  3. jreach

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    This is the answer I got from USPS Dear USPS Customer, Thank you for contacting us. Your account is on production and active. The International Rates API engine was updated a couple of months ago, which in turn led to some unexpected changes to the XML values we respond with. Below are the affected SvcDescription Strings and what they are now being returned as: Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (large) IS NOW Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Large) Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (small) IS NOW Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small) Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight (single) IS NOW Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight (Single) Airmail Letter Post IS NOW Airmail Letter-post Economy (Surface) Letter Post IS NOW Economy (Surface) Letter-post These changes will affect your shopping cart's ability to parse through the list of possible international services. Please verify/modify your parsing selections to reflect these changes in order to ensure accurate parsing and the display of all available options to your end customer. We hope this helps. Thank you for using the USPS. USPS Internet Customer Care Center icustomercare@usps.com
  4. jreach

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    Well this is the oddest thing ever. I am almost certain its USPS now. I had problems last week with overseas shipments not allowing USPS or forcing highest rate for shipping. I went to the CVS and got the latest USPS.PHP file and uploaded it. Now it worked great for 3 days, out of the blue I now get. -2147219080 - Missing value for Country. I have tried every suggestion on this site with the same results. Nothing is working. I just e-mailed USPS but I imagine I will get the same response everyone here has gotten.
  5. jreach

    USPS Not keeping user selections

    Ok after more searching on this site it appears that this was a known problem untill sometime in 2003 when it was apparently fixed. I downloaded the latest copy of osCommerce but due to the fact that I have over 2k items in my store I didnt want to do a fresh install. I did however pull out the usps.php file from the shipping module out, the setup worked but when I go to buy I get the same problem. Any ideas???
  6. jreach

    USPS Not keeping user selections

    After more research this appears to only happen on international orders.
  7. USPS module is not keeping users selections for international orders. I have a client in CA who went to buy a product. When he gets to the shipping module he gets prices for both USPS and UPS (prices are correct and verified). He then chooses the lowest cost for USPS but when it takes him to the confirmation screen it changes to the highest priced USPS option. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.