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  1. furrychops

    UPS XML Rates and Services 1.3.5 Questions

    Chris, I too am trying to install this contribution. I feel like the directions are very difficult to understand as well. Does anyone have an answer to Chris' questions? I too would like to know, as I do not know how to implement the database changes it speaks of. Thanks! Jeremy
  2. furrychops

    UPS Choice v1.8.2 for osCommerce 2.2 MS2

    When you installed UPS Choice, did you upload the catalog/includes/languages/english/shipping/ups.php file to your server directory (it's included in the downloaded contrib files)? In the instructions, they don't tell you to upload that particular file, but I found it while browsing through the contribution folder. Once I uploaded that file to the proper directory (it's a language file, and that is key), it changed stuff like MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_TITLE to "United Parcel Service". Give that a try and let me know if it works for you. Cheers, Jeremy
  3. Lindsay, Thank you for all your suggestions. Unfortunately, I do not know much about php code and tweaking it. I will maybe try some of these out and see if I can trial and error some stuff with coding. The only problem is, the store is live and I couldn't afford the downtime that it would take for me to figure out the coding. Perhaps I need to find a php coder out there that could easily and quickly set something like this up. If there is anyone out there, please PM me. Thanks!!! Lindsay, thank YOU again. Jeremy
  4. And I was referring to the first response you did...
  5. Thank you so much for your response, Lindsay! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I could use this to apply the fee only once if i had both of the products in the shopping cart. It would probably apply the conditions to each product, when i only want the fee to show up one time in the shopping cart under the conditions that one or the other (or both) were in the cart. Have you used that contrib in the way I am describing? Thanks again! Jeremy
  6. I was wondering if there was a contribution out there that would help me solve this issue for my store, or if anyone could direct me in making the following happen. Here is the situation in as much detail as I can describe: I want to add two new products to my store, for descriptive purposes I will use the following information: PRODUCT 1 - weight: 1 lb - price: $19 USD PRODUCT 2 - weight: 2 lb - price: $26 USD For these two particular products only, I want to charge an additional processing fee of $50. The condition of the fee is that when a customer buys one of these products (or both, or any combination of the two), an additional fee of $50 is applied (added on before shipping cost). The thing is, I want to make it so that the customer can buy any combination and quantity of these two products, and they only have to pay the $50 additional fee once, up to a weight of 50 lbs. If they go OVER 50 lbs., then another fee of $50 will be added, and so on, every 50 lbs, but ONLY for these two products, and not for any other products in my store. Here are some examples of shopping cart combinations for these two products, to further aid in illustrating my point: CART CONFIGURATION #1: PRODUCT 1 - qty:1 - price: $19 USD (weight for this product is 1 lb.) total weight for this order = 1 lb. Add fee of $50 for any combination of these products under 50 lbs. $19 + $50 = $69 subtotal, before shipping costs are added CART CONFIGURATION #2: PRODUCT 1 - qty:26 - price: $494 USD (26 qty x $19) (weight for this qty is 26 lb.) PRODUCT 2 - qty:11 - price: $286 USD (11 qty x $26) (weight for this qty is 22 lb.) total weight for this order = 48 lbs. Add fee of $50, since weight is still under 50 lbs. $494 + $286 + $50 = $830 subtotal, before shipping costs are added CART CONFIGURATION #3: PRODUCT 1 - qty:26 - price: $494 USD (26 qty x $19) (weight for this qty is 26 lb.) PRODUCT 2 - qty:14 - price: $364 USD (14 qty x $26) (weight for this qty is 28 lb.) total weight for this order = 54 lbs. Add fee of $100, i.e. 2 x $50 ($50 for each quantity up to 50 lbs.) $494 + $364 + $100 = $958 subtotal, before shipping costs are added So, with CARTS #1 and #2, the total weight of those combinations of products was under $50, since the weight did not exceed 50 lbs., but for CART #3, the weight of 50 lbs. was exceeded. As a result, the customer was charged $50 for everything up to the first 50 lbs., and then an additional $50 for the next weight tier. Does this make sense so far? Is there a way that I can make this happen in my oscommerce store? I don't know if it just requires coding changes, or if there is a contribution, or what. If someone could help direct me in this issue, I would certainly appreciate it! Thank you! - Jeremy
  7. furrychops

    No payment success page with Authorize.net

    Okay, I have solved my particular authorize.net problem. I ended up finding this post by "gary" of sparkandfuel.com: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=858160 He gives a link to an Authorize.net AIM contribution that I installed, and then I followed his instructions on the changes to make within the actual user's authorize.net account, which included setting BOTH the Receipt/Relay URLs to the same address [https://yoursecuredomainaddress.com/.../checkout_process.php (not checkout_submit!)] and then making sure the Delimited Response settings in the authorize.net account were set properly. I also found another post here by "Daria": http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1229176 She actually links to the above post in her post, but the most valuable piece of information I got from her post was at the very bottom. She says she "put the API Login ID instead of the User Login, and it worked." The API Login ID is also found in the merchant's authorize.net web account. Installing that contrib and making the necessary changes to the merchant's authorize.net account got it up and running just fine. The customer and merchant get automatic email notifications, the payment shows up in the authorize.net account, and the order shows up in the store admin. Hope that helps you out as well!
  8. My problem is that upon installing and configuring Authorize.net for oscommerce, we went through the payment process (including logging in as a customer, which is necessary), and were able to get all the way through to submitting the order. Once the submit happened, it took us to the page that asks you to log in as a customer. When we checked the authorize.net account and bank account, the payment had definitely gone through. The customer account that we created to test it even got an email automatically that said that the order had been placed. It's just that there was no confirmation page when processing the order on the website, and it takes you to the login screen, that would most likely lead a customer to believe that the order didn't go through, and we would obviously like to keep the customer from making multiple payments. So, anyone who has insight, we would appreciate it. Thanks!!!
  9. furrychops

    Shipping Module: no edit/change option

    when i updated the contribution, all i needed to do was delete my includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/usps.php, and includes/modules/shipping/usps.php, and then replace those with the files in the contribution. So my files are now totally replaced by those new ones from the contribution, which was USPS Methods 2_9_6. Then, when I went to my admin, i selected "install" in the shipping modules section for the USPS contribution. Following that (according to contrib update instructions), I also did two updates to MySQL: UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = UPPER(configuration_value), set_function='tep_cfg_select_multioption(array(''GLOBAL EXPRESS'', ''GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC RECT'', ''GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC NON-RECT'', ''EXPRESS MAIL INT'', ''EXPRESS MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV'', ''PRIORITY MAIL INT'', ''PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV'', ''PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE BOX'', ''FIRST-CLASS MAIL INT''), ' WHERE configuration_key='MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES_INTL'; UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = UPPER(configuration_value), set_function='tep_cfg_select_multioption(array(''EXPRESS'', ''PRIORITY'', ''FIRST CLASS'', ''PARCEL'', ''BPM'', ''LIBRARY'', ''MEDIA''), ' WHERE configuration_key='MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES'; Then the instructions said to Edit the newly installed and updated shipping module in my admin. I clicked on one of the two buttons that said "Edit" and then all I was left with was the little purple arrow on the far right, and no edit options. If I click out of the admin area and come back, it gives me the options for the USPS module to "remove" or "edit" once again. But even after refreshing and clicking the edit button again, it just looks like the second picture above that Gvds posted. Any ideas? THANKS!
  10. furrychops

    Shipping Module: no edit/change option

    All I did was install the new update for my shipping module, and I have not changed ANY of the files I uploaded, and I have this problem. I wouldn't think it would be a syntax issue between an original file and the contribution file, because it is still the same file in the contribution... unedited or changed. So has anyone figure out a fix?
  11. furrychops

    Shipping Module: no edit/change option

    I am having the same problem. Please someone post an answer!
  12. Hello! Several months ago, I installed the "Additional Images" contribution to www.sunandsteelmailleworks.com (a webstore I helped create for a friend using oscommerce). For a while, it worked excellently! I (and my friend) were able to upload three different sizes of images for thumbnails, product info images, and popup images whenever creating a new product, and the images all uploaded correctly and displayed on the site correctly. Just recently however, I noticed one day when creating a new product that when I submitted the new product information (including the location on my hard drive for all three different sized images), that it gave me a success notification on the following page that it had updated. However, no images showed up in the image display. Just the standard white boxes with red Xs in the corners (all the other product info is there though, just no images). I checked the file manager of my website, and a folder was created for the category name that I created, within catalog/images/products/ BUT it was empty. When I check my admin and look inside that new category folder, and viewed the product information for the one I just created, all the info is there, but no image shows up where the images should be. If I go in to edit the product, and try uploading images on that screen, it still doesn't work. No images are uploaded into catalog/images/products/"new-product-category". The directory just remains empty, and no images appear to be uploaded. I tried changing the permissions of my image directory and all subdirectories and files within to 777 (they were at 755), and then re-uploaded the images under the product's "edit" page in admin, and that didn't help either. What I am guessing happened is that when my server upgraded to php5 (or whatever the newest version is), it changed my file permissions site-wide. This could also be the reason why the "Additional Images" Contribution (I believe the version is 2.0.1) is now misbehaving. So, would it be a correct assumption that the contribution just needs to be re-installed in order to get it to work again? Or is there a bit of code I need to tweak or copy and paste into one of the contrib files? I definitely want to keep the images that I already have uploaded if possible (as they are all still displaying on the site correctly). Or does this seem like another problem? I would certainly value any opinions and suggestions, and would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Jeremy Bentley for: www.sunandsteelmailleworks.com
  13. I think I may have posted this topic in the General Support forum by mistake, so if I did, I apologize. This is where I meant to post. Here is my issue: I am nearing the completion of my oscommerce webstore, and am running into one final major snag (as everything else is set up and appears to be working perfectly). That major snag is Shipping. I wanted to start out the store by providing Fed Ex only for shipping, so I installed the fedex_direct_2.06 contribution to my oscommerce webstore. I believe I followed the installation instructions to a "T" and then the configuring options in my admin section I also believe were completed correctly. So here is what is happening. When I get to the part of the checkout where the module is supposed to get the different rate quotes from Fed Ex based on quantity and weight, it is saying this: Federal Express (Total items: 1 pcs. Total weight: 3.5 lbs) No meter number was obtained, check configuration. Error 5012 : Account number not in database In Debug mode, this is what I get for an error: Data sent to Fedex for Meter: 0,"211"10,"37410220"4003,"Metropolis"4007,"Metropolis Toys"4008,"154 North Prince Street"4011,"Lancaster"4012,"PA"4013,"17603"4014,"US"4015,"717-572-9961"99,"" Data returned from Fedex for Meter: 0,"311"2,"5012"3,"Account number not in database"99,"" Now, for the meter number, the install instructions told me to leave it as "NONE" because a meter number would be obtained the first time a successful rate quote was completed. And I called Fed Ex to make sure the account number I entered into the module was correct, and they said that it was. So, what does the error message mean when it says "Account number not in database"? Did I miss a step somewhere? Also, the Fed Ex representative to whom I spoke told me that I couldn't get rate quotes without a meter number, but supposedly I am being instructed by the contribution to leave that as "NONE." Can you help me, please? This is the final step to getting this webstore up and running, and I am very anxious to resolve the issue, as the client for whom I have been helping try to figure out oscommerce wishes to have it running as soon as possible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Sincerely, Jeremy Bentley