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  1. Could anyone please elaborate on how to sort the query to get the images in a certain order. Thanks Samantha
  2. This gallery is great! How can I change the number of pics that a user can upload? Thanks. Samantha
  3. This seem to be working well. What a great contrib! I am just wondering what I can do to have the matching products appear on the shopping cart page instead of on the product info page? Thanks. Sam
  4. I'd like to remove or comment out the search field and search button at the bottom of /links.php since I don't have very many links yet. How can I do this? Thanks. Sam
  5. I just installed the contribution with the text box only option. It seems to be working great but the box alignment is off. There is a big gap between "How did you hear about us?" and the text box as seen at It has then pushed the password boxes out of alignment also. How can I fix this? Thanks. Samantha