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  1. jbrockw

    Is USPS shipping module down

    That worked thank you so much!!
  2. jbrockw

    Is USPS shipping module down

    Are you able to receive International and Domestic Rates? I am only receiving Domestic rates still. I looked through the Database to see what we had for International Services and this is what we had: Priority Mail International First-Class Mail International Package We don't offer any other International services, however these aren't displaying to the customer.
  3. It does look like the servers are back to "normal".
  4. I ran some tests (replaced the email address user@localhost.com includes/modules/shipping/usps.php with my email) and noticed that USPS was sending back partial data. Some responses in fact took over 15 minutes to receive. This happens with both Domestic and International Addresses. Looks like the server is acting up
  5. So we run a large store and noticed our order volume drop significantly over the last couple of days. We did a test run through our site and noticed that checkout_shipping.php times out 90% of the time. We are currently using USPS Methods v4.3.2 and some rates will actually display about 10% of the time. Is USPS's server acting up? Has anyone else noticed this? When we enable flat rates and disable USPS Methods checkout_shipping.php returns to normal functionality. I remember this happening with the last rate updates.
  6. jbrockw

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Anyone have ideas?
  7. jbrockw

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hello, I have been looking for a possible solution to my problem in this forum with no avail. I am hoping that someone here has a possible fix for this. :thumbsup: We have no problems receiving orders, payments, etc. The problem we are having is with the phone number returned. We have it set to Require the phone number in our PayPal account settings, and can see that the number is being returned to the database in customers_paypal_payerid. Where we are having problems is that the number isn't transfered to the orders.php page or the orders table in the DB for that matter. This wouldn't be any issue if we werent using FedEx Automated labels, but we are and they require that a phone number be present in the orders DB. Any Ideas?
  8. This report is great! I was wondering if there is a way to add Attribute Functionality to it. We sell items that have multiple sizes, so it would be very nice if the reports broke down what are the most popular sizes purchased. Thank you!