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    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Oh, btw, I'm using a working CSV from one store and trying to import to another store, the only problem seems to be the categories..
  2. raceonusa.com

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Works great when I already have existing categories, but when it has to "create categories on the fly" it doesn't. The products are still searchable but do not belong to any category, just their manufacturer. Anyone else having the same problem? (I'm using the latest MC 2.2RC2 and newest easy populate)
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    Flash front-end for osCommerce?

    that's sorta what I have going on at www.raceonusa.com (click on individual products) I'm looking to switch to oscommerce or zen or osc 3.3 , and make it compatible with the database.. I had to use this funky flash thing for ebay purposes..