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  1. ceddy

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Is there a way to write and call the javascript to an external js file? I have over 200+ categories and subcategories, which creates a seo txt link... which is great for search engines to crawl except its pretty much a big no no to have to many links. or maybe there is another method that will do the same? thanks
  2. ceddy

    Cache HTML

    i notice in the instructions it informs you to make your selection on flush, cache, etc for infoboxes based on if that infobox requires updates such as user info, cart contents, etc.... does that mean that the page will cache, say its product_info, minus those infoboxes if set to flush and cache/parametric for product_info? Im asking because I use banners/advertisements.. also, ive got additional infoboxes in seperate subfolders for me to easily locate... what changes need to be made to look in those folders? thx ~t
  3. ceddy

    Cache HTML

    I have installed this contribution and so far am pleased to know it works. However my results are far less than enigma's 30%... so far my best being 16%, others only hitting the cache script as low as one out of 25, or 4%. But anything is good. You can also note, or I would assume, this contribution works with Chemo's page cache - my installation did not interfere with any of the page cache scripts - simply an addition...
  4. ceddy

    Ultimate SEO URLs v3.0 Features

    how can i go about making a url like pages.php?pID=# to page-name-pg-#.html ?
  5. ceddy

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    ive noticed, on my site anyway, that my fly-out meny (from left) is behind other < div > 's when viewing with FireFox. Only page I see it happening is on my product_info pages Is there a way to make the menu always on top?
  6. ceddy

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    edit - just needed to change my category name...
  7. ceddy

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    file is there, and permissions are at 777
  8. not sure if it is causing a problem yet, but i did notice this contribution outputs a space before the new fields required by google example " new" " Y" etc
  9. ceddy

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    Exact situation I am having... all information is correct in settings, username/password/ftp address for googlebase tested by FTPing manually however I still get this error
  10. right now mine is creating a matting approx 500px in height
  11. how did you set your reflections to a fixed height of 145 px?