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    I just installed this, and it works fine, I just was wondering if anyone knows how to make on the main page nothing show accept for the sites Names thats all with them direct linking to their sites. And then the link that goes to the page with all the links can say apply. Can anyone help me with this thanks?
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    Can anyone help?
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    Ok, I think it would be easy to fix if instead of the description it posts the site name and direct links to the url then a join link under that that u click to take u to full site page.
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    Thumbnail Mod

    AIM MattMan717 if im not on!
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    Thumbnail Mod

    Ok, I have been searching for a mod that will let me upload a thumbnail image and a normal image when I add an item so on the front page and categorie pages when you see the images they dont look distorted or anything like that. If anyone could help I would greatly appriciate it. Thanks.
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    I had this mod installed on my site but it diddnt work properly I keept getting an error. If anyone can help me fix it please AIM mattman717 thanks a ton!
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    Thumbnail Mod

    I have tryed the "3 Images" mod. That diddnt work at all. I want it to be like this site has. www.vertexairsoft.com he has somehow disabled the auto resize and uploaded seperate smaller images for the categories page and new items sections but when you click it turns to full size. I want a mod like that. Like disable resize all togather because its impossible to make images look nice with that.
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    Referral Mod

    Hey guys, I was wondering is there any referral mods out there that can credit the referrers account with like 4% of who they referred's first spendings? And can it also have a clickable link that web owners could place on their sites as well? If anyone can create this I am willing to pay thanks.