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  1. terencel

    PayPal Not Sent Handling Fee and Low Order Fee

    I have similar problem. It seems the IPN module didn't pass the Handling charge to Paypal.
  2. I find a quite interesting thing. when I change the "DIR_WS_IMAGES" to "images\" most of image displayed. But those images with width and height specified cannot be displayed. In addition, the thumb is not correctly displayed too. When I change "DIR_WS_IMAGES" to "..\images\", all the images change to notavailable.gif What's wrong with the code?
  3. The path is correct. It is ../images/ However, when I change the image to "images/" The notavailable.gif appear. But some images can't display. Strange??
  4. Hi Don, Thx for your help. But problem still exist. All the available image change to notavailable.gif.
  5. I have installed this contribution but i can't use my old code. The code is for displaying a default image when the specific product image is not available. The code is orginaly in tep_image function if (!($image_info = @getimagesize($src))) { $nosrc = DIR_WS_IMAGES.'notavailable.gif'; if ( (CONFIG_CALCULATE_IMAGE_SIZE == 'true') && ((!$width) || (!$height)) ) { if ($image_size = @getimagesize($nosrc)) { if ( (!$width) && ($height) ) { $ratio = $height / $image_size[1]; $width = $image_size[0] * $ratio; } elseif ( ($width) && (!$height) ) { $ratio = $width / $image_size[0]; $height = $image_size[1] * $ratio; } elseif ( (!$width) && (!$height) ) { $width = $image_size[0]; $height = $image_size[1]; } } elseif (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') { return false; } } $image = '<IMG SRC="'.$nosrc.'" title="'.$src.'"'; if ( ($width) && ($height) ) { $image .= ' width="' . tep_parse_input_field_data($width, array('"' => '"')) . '" height="' . tep_parse_input_field_data($height, array('"' => '"')) . '"'; } if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $image .= '' . $parameters; $image .= '>'; return $image; } Where should I put the code in?
  6. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    If it worked before the upgrade then when upgraded did not then something is missing. If it was all reverse coded back to the old newsdesk including the sql and is now not working then something is missing. when you are installing the new newsdesk or the old newsdesk are you doing a straight replacement of the files or are you doing a file comparison to see what the changes are. Did you backup your files and database prior to making any changes? I've follow all the instructions and replace all the old files with new file. In additon, backup of files and database is done before the upgrade.
  7. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    when you restored the old newsdesk did you also restore the database, If you did and are still having issues, what would you deduce from it all. Sure! I did restore the database back to old version. And the newsdesk is not working even though you have the old newsdesk installed and the old newsdesk sql installed. You are having the same issue, what does this tell you It works before the upgarde.
  8. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    when you restored the old newsdesk did you also restore the database, If you did and are still having issues, what would you deduce from it all. Sure! I did restore the database back to old version.
  9. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    How about my problem is not offering any information on an issue that resides in your setup that I do not have access to, so have to rely on what information you give, however you do not give information unless poked and proded into giving information. I have asked you a number of questions and you have given answers of yes, this sort of answer gives very little information. I have also told you that your issue is with an earlier version of Newsdesk and whatever fixes you implimented then. I am not a mind reader and if you cannot begin to help yourself then how is it that you can ask of me for help. I've already delete all the pervious installation of Newsdesk and follow all the install instructions again. Problem is still exist. I've also try to restore the old version, but the problem of new version exist on the old one.
  10. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    :o How about my problem?
  11. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    terencel This is a complete replacement for all the previous Newsdesk, so did you replace all the previous Newsdesk, your issue is with a remnant of the previous Newsdesk. I've already clear all the table use by NewsDesk and replace all the files and make approiate changes as stated in the install.txt It is strange, only admin/newsdesk.php and admin/newsdesk_reviews.php return blank page.
  12. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    1 It is default install 2 2.2 MS2 3 I think so 4-6 all done It is a upgrade of pervious version.
  13. terencel

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    I've just upgrade NewsDesk to latest version. However, when I click Article managment, it turns to a blackpage. Is there anything wrong?
  14. terencel

    Worldpay support III

    I've just upgrade the oscommerce form 2.1 to 2.2-MS2 and change the WorldPay module to 4.0. I've already setup the module and WorldPay Admin page as said in the install.txt. However, Worldpay payment page can't return to my cart after the test payment is made or cancel the payment. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!