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    QTPro BS

    I have re-installed the OSCommerce version v2.3.4.1 CE and re-downloaded the QTPro CE Frozen package and re-done the install again for this. So I've resolved the back end issues with the language files, its picking those up correctly now. Everything seems to be working as it should - back end (in admin). BUT - the product_info.php page is still not rendering correctly. Yes Raiwa, it is the header showing with the main content blank. Here's my link. This is just a test site. https://www.rosweb.co.uk/alpine_mobileEdge/product_info.php?products_id=28 code stops at line 76 <div class="row is-product"> I have uploaded all the content modules. Checked and checked again. I have not modified product_info.php Any ideas?
  2. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Hello Raiwa thanks for coming back about this. So firsty, great I'm using the correct QTPro version for my installation. CE Frozen package. 2nd - in the download for this - there is no product_info.php page included in either the new files or amended ones. There is in the Edge version under amended files. Is this page missing from the download, or have I mis-understood? many thanks, my download was from and was the latest: https://apps.oscommerce.com/e317m&amp;qtpro-bs Ros
  3. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Thank you for that reply. That's the one I've been using - but within that download there are 2 versions to choose from. CE Frozen version and 2.3.4.(1) Edge version I've tried both and neither seem to render properly. I think its supposed to be the CE Frozen version I should use, as I have OSCommerce version v2.3.4.1 CE installed. So both have CE in their names. Trying to get that to work. The first problem is on the public - product view page. Product_info.php is rendered blank. Looking at the source code, is there up till line 76 <div class="row is-product"> then nothing after that. In the admin side, looking at the modules - they're not linking to their language file properly. Have checked this over and over to make sure its in the right location - it is. Not sure why not linking to it?? But that is the least of my worries - not rendering on the public - product_info.php page is the main thing. ?? Any ideas. I have done the install about 3 times now to make sure I'm doing it right.
  4. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    So I think I might have made this sound more complicated than it needs to be. I have OSCommerce version v2.3.4.1 CE installed. Which QTPro download should I use with this? Any help would be gratefully received as I'm desparately trying to crack this today!
  5. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Hello Raiwa - as requested posting this query on the public site. I'm trying to add QTPro to a fresh installation of OSCOmmerce. I have installed OSCommerce version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE I have downloaded your QTPro contribution and tried firstly the CE Frozen version - but when I tried to view the product on the public side product_info.php page, the product page was blank and had not rendered the code. So I removed the CE Frozen version and then tried using your 2.3.4.(1) Edge version and although the back end worked fine - able to select attributes and add stock in admin, again the product_info.php page is not displaying as it should. Just displaying product info and add to cart. No stock pick lists, no stock chart. And yes I have enabled the QTPro Options module - to true. Have I simply installed the wrong version? I'm trying to work out if my OS version v2.3.4.1 CE is in fact Edge or Frozen. Please any advice to help me get this working! I have installed and used QTPro on previous OSCommerce versions of course. many thanks Ros
  6. Hello, I'm trying to upgrade to the latest Sage Pay form v. 2 and although the payment money has been taken successfully through Sage Pay, it then returns the customer to the site with the failure message and no orders are written to the admin side (as it views the payment as a failure). Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas why the form isn't working? I haven't modified it at all, it is as the download. My old sage pay form v. 1.2 worked fine - no problems there and if I swap it back it works fine again. I'd be grateful for any help with this ...
  7. Rosyweb

    QTPro - stock table sort order

    Ok a year later, but a slight amendment. The 1st part of the split - creating attNum1 had never really worked correctly, so here's a version that does: $products_stock_query=tep_db_query("SELECT SUBSTR(products_stock_attributes, 1, INSTR(products_stock_attributes,',')-1) AS attNum1, SUBSTR(products_stock_attributes,INSTR(products_stock_attributes,',')+3, 5) AS attNum2, products_stock_attributes, products_stock_quantity FROM " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_STOCK . " WHERE products_id=" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] ." ORDER BY attNum1 ASC, LPAD(attNum2, 10, 0) ASC");
  8. Rosyweb

    QTPro - stock table sort order

    Wow - that took a long time but I found a way to sort it correctly in the end and will post it here in case anyone else tries to do this. So in modules/qtpro_stock_table.php, the sort order is determined by the $products_stock_query=tep_db_query and not the other queries. The field I needed to get to sort in natural sort order not lexically is products_stock_attributes. Applying the usual ways to convert a varchar field to natural sort order in the ORDER BY part of the query didn't seem to work. i.e. LPAD CAST(field as SIGNED INTEGER) ASC convert(field, decimal) ASC"); none of these worked because products_stock_attributes has hypens and commas in it as well. They didn't even work if I got rid of the hypens, because I had to keep the comma as this separates the product attribute data (size, colour). They didn't work when I split the field into 2 strings in the ORDER BY part of the query. So I split it into 2 strings in the SELECT part of the query and gave each alias names, then sorted it in ORDER BY by the alias names. Added LPAD to these in the ORDER BY part to force natural sort order (this time it works as there are only numerics in the strings). Here's what worked for me: // Get the stocklevels $products_stock_query=tep_db_query("SELECT SUBSTR(products_stock_attributes,INSTR(products_stock_attributes,',')-1, 4) AS attNum1, SUBSTR(products_stock_attributes,INSTR(products_stock_attributes,',')+3, 4) AS attNum2, products_stock_attributes, products_stock_quantity FROM " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_STOCK . " WHERE products_id=" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] ." ORDER BY LPAD(attNum1, 10, 0) DESC, LPAD(attNum2, 10, 0) ASC");
  9. Thanks Burt and Gergely for your help with this my hosting company have now set the suhosin.get.max_value_length=2048 (The suhosin.post.max_vars was already set to 2000 and suhosin.post.max_value_length was already set to 1000000. ) So the Sage Pay form 2.0 is now working - yipee! I am surprised that I couldn't find anyone else reporting this problem - but now we have the solution, so thats great!
  10. Thanks Burt, and where would the POST variable length of 64 be defined? Any ideas?
  11. Hi Gergely I was on an older site on v. 2.3.1 so that's why Security Checks was not there. But have now installed a blank copy of oscommerce with the new sage pay v.2. form already integrated. Payment form still doesn't work properly on the new installation - takes money, returns an error to customer and does not write the order to the web shop. So now I have re-installed the sage page and suhosin security checks: the errors that are appearing are: suhosin: Warning: allowed length of POST variable is less then oscommerce configuration table requirements 255 (64). sagepay: Warning: suhosin.get.max_value_length less than 1000 (512). ok so somewhere a post variable max length is defined that doesn't allow a field length of 255???? So looking at the configuration table through php my admin: configuration_title, configuration_key and configuration_description are all varchar max length 255 fields. and this is normal and a new installation. But are we barking up the wrong tree. Surely a blank installation of OSCommerce v.2.3.4 with the new Sage pay form v.2. already integrated into that version should work. My form module setting are as were suggested with my unique username and password to link to Sage Pay (which works fine on the other form). Could it be a server issue?? What do I need to ask my server hosting company? many thaks
  12. Rosyweb

    Constantly returned to FailureURL

    Hi Patchgill - did you ever find and answer. I'm getting the same failure although I am using mine with Oscommerce. But if its the same add on it might point me in the right direction - did you find any solutions for this?
  13. Thanks for answering. John - Yes I did install the new module properly - i.e uninstalled the old one and then re-installed the new uploaded module (sage pay form 2). Gergely - I installed those modules and uploaded - how do I run them?
  14. Hi all I've been struggling to find a way to add a "Please select" option to the Multiple Dropdowns that are part of the QTPro contribution. Its set to select the default value for the stock options (products_options_values_id) when the pick list is drawn, so however you order your stock attributes the top item is always selected as the default value for the pick list. Can't seem to find a way to insert an add text option as the default into the coding that is drawing up the pick lists in pad_multiple_dropdowns.php. Searched the forums and contributions etc, seems like no one has managed this and fed back, lots of people asking how to do this. The best result is a hack at the top level in html_output.php where you add a "please select.." to all pick lists. just above: for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($values); $i<$n; $i++) { add $field .= '<option value="select"'; $field .= '>Please Select ...</option>'; This is great and thanks for sharing Megan, but this is only part of the way there. This applies "Please select..." to every pick list in the site and the developer has no ability to vary the default for pick lists from Please select. i.e. I like to have United Kingdom at the top of the countries pick list. So, I'm hoping that someone has managed to do this ...(apply a text default of "please select" or similar) direct to the multiple dropdown pick lists created by the QT Pro contribution and may be willing to share the code they created to do this? Surely someone has found a way?
  15. Hi I have installed QTpro and it is working fine in all respects but this. In the stock area for any product (page admin/stock.php) when I change the stock quantities and click on the ADD button, before it updates them on the screen I get re-directed to the login.php page each time and have to re-enter my password. So on the Get command for this page it is re-directing me and re-requiring my password. Obviously this is a nightmare when updating stock quantities to keep having to re-enter the username and password. I can't find where to stop it doing this. On previous installs of oscommerce with QTpro it didn't do this. Any ideas how and where I can change this? I've been looking in admin/includes/application_top.php but can't seem to work out where it is redirecting to login.php on this particular command on the stock page. I'm not even sure if I'm looking in the right place. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi George

    I've just installed your contribution Bulk Mail Engine and want to slow down the emails being set.

    You said in Contrib intro:

    This rate can be set by the user. If the rate is set to '8', the program mails 1 email per 8 seconds.

    I've tried changing the file:


    line 99 to


  17. I found the solution and as usual with oscommerce its something really simple. In admin/stock.php about line 214 just before the closing </form> add <?php echo tep_hide_session_id(); ?> This will stop the GET method interfering with the session id and requiring a new login. I think it works fine. See code below: Original (about line 214) </table> </form></td> </tr> Change to: </table> <?php echo tep_hide_session_id(); ?></form></td> </tr>
  18. Hi Olof

    I hope you can help me because of your involvement with QTPro contrib. I'm not getting any response from the forums so sorry to try you direct. In QTPro they use the GET method to update admin/stock.php it results in a redirect to login.php everytime you update a stock quantity. I can't seem to find a way to stop this and am surprised it hasn't been tackled....

  19. So as far as I've got now is finding that the QTPro installation is the only area in admin that uses the Get method and that is what is prompting the re-direct. I think some other contributions for admin use the GET method. Have found this problem in the forums a few times, but no answers that stop the re-direct on GET method. Not sure how to get around this - any ideas?
  20. Rosyweb

    Admin gets returned to the login screen

    Hi did you ever resolve this? I'm having the same problem and can't seem to find an answer. Why on using the add button from the stock.php page do I get re-directed to login.php? Why does it not recognise that my login session is current?
  21. ok I was looking at this the wrong way really. I was getting tied up in the option value setting, rather than the stock quantities it was generating. But the solution, and definitely a hack is very simple. In includes/classes/pad_multiple_dropdowns.php about line 160 it says this //initialize out of stock message $out.=" stkmsg(document.cart_quantity);\n"; Just // it out. Basically if you get rid of this line of code it will NOT generate the Out of Stock message when the page is first opened. Which is fine, because at that point both pick list say Please select. The customer still cannot add these to their basket - this doesn't interfere with them being red as 0 quantity and the Out of stock message on 0 quantity will work as soon as they select something from the pick list, because this message is also attached to a onchange event on the pick lists. Ok if once you have changed the pick lists and then go back to Please select the out of stock message will appear once again, but does it matter!?
  22. Ok, so I managed to do it, but it throws up other problems. Firstly here's how you can add a Please select direct to the multiple dropdowns created by QTpro, amend the coding in this file: includes/classes/pad_multiple_dropdowns.php about line 92 ORIGINAL: $out.='<tr><td align="right" class=main><b>'.$attributes[$o]['oname'].":</b></td><td class=main>".tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id['.$attributes[$o]['oid'].']',array_values($attributes[$o]['ovals']),$attributes[$o]['default'], "onchange=\"stkmsg(this.form);\"")."</td></tr>\n"; CHANGE: $out.='<tr><td align="right" class=main><strong>'.$attributes[$o]['oname'].":</strong></td><td class=main>".tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id['.$attributes[$o]['oid'].']',array_merge(array(array('id'=>"", 'text'=>'Please select ')), $attributes[$o]['ovals']),$attributes[$o]['default'], "onchange=\"stkmsg(this.form);\"")."</td></tr>\n"; This does what I initially wanted, add a Please select option direct to the multiple dropdown pick lists, without affecting any other pick lists in the site. However, when the please select option is highlighted, i.e. as soon as they view the product page it is generating the Out of Stock message. The out of stock message is generated whenever the combined option values of the pick lists = 0 or less. I had hoped that by leaving the option value blank " " ('id'=>"" instead of "0" that would do the trick and get rid of the Out of Stock message. It didn't, so somewhere in the code a blank option value is also triggering the out of stock message. I'm now trying to find a way to make it ignore the blank value (so not bring up the Out of stock message on a blank option value), but without allowing the 'Please select' entry on the pick list to be added to the basket. I think I need to tweek the code for function _draw_out_of_stock_message_js also in includes/classes/pad_multiple_dropdowns.php If I manage it, I'll feed back. If anyone manages this, please feed back also, even if its some time later.. I look through old posts for solutions all the time, its invaluable!
  23. Hi all, I'd be really grateful for some help with this. I've installed QT Pro - imported the scripts using phpmyadmin, then uploaded all the files. Now, when I try to go to the admin area of my web site, I now get the following error messages: I'm a bit stuck and don't know what I should change to correct this. many thanks