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  1. Thanks JcMagpie. Yes it goes straight into spam whether its genuine or not (even when I fill it in) and yes spam does come through it so it probably has simply been blacklisted as you suggest. Yes I think the captcha is the only answer. Thanks!
  2. Hi JcMagpie This was on a test contact email from me. So not spam content. I have been checking the headers. So something in the header is different, of course the reply to - return path would be, as this is replaced by the person's email address who filled in the form. But I'm not so sure what I'm looking for as there is so much info in the header. Perhaps it is simply the return path being different that spams this?
  3. Hello all, so the problem is that the emails generated from the contact form are ending up in peoples spam folders, but the order emails direct from the system are getting through fine. I'm trying to work out why the filters differentiate these emails and if there is anything I can do to stop this. Has anyone else come across this problem? I wondered if it is because the contact form emails have a return path that is from the person filling in the form - rather than the return path being the website the email originates from? I'm using v2.3.4.1 CE but its not the version that is the problem its the email headers I guess. Many thanks
  4. Rosyweb

    Multiple Images in BS?

    JcMagpie - I think I've found it. Just a forward slash was missing off the image destination in the copy I've got live. How easy it is for one character to muck up the code! Thank you for your help looking at this with me and it helped me check and double check everything!!
  5. Rosyweb

    Multiple Images in BS?

    Thanks JcMagpie. 1) Yes, 2) yes - and re-installed checked width etc. So when just one image is loaded for the product, this works. When more than one it doesn't generate any code. I get the empty <div class="piGal" data-imgcount="155"></div> So in cm_pi_gallery.php, function execute - the else statement is working fine (when just 1 image is present) - its the rest (when more than 1 image) that for some reason isn't generating anything. So it must be picking up correctly that there is more than one image - so the problem seems to lie somewhere here: $pi_output .= '<div class="piGal" data-imgcount="' . $photoset_layout . '">'; while ($pi = tep_db_fetch_array($pi_query)) { $pi_counter++; if (tep_not_null($pi['htmlcontent'])) { $pi_html[] = '<div id="piGalDiv_' . $pi_counter . '">' . $pi['htmlcontent'] . '</div>'; } $pi_output .= tep_image('images/' . $pi['image'], '', '', '', 'id="piGalImg_' . $pi_counter . '"'); } $pi_output .= '</div>'; if ( !empty($pi_html) ) { $pi_output .= '<div hidden>' . implode('', $pi_html) . '</div>'; } } The top line seems to be behaving correctly - as I get <div class="piGal" data-imgcount="155"> written to the code. But then nothing else generates?
  6. Rosyweb

    Multiple Images in BS?

    Thanks Heatherbell. It seems the new version was released in July? My version ( ) was the latest till recently then is so heavily modified that a new version and re-doing all the modifications is a long project. So lets see if I can get this working in for now and can look at that for the future. Thanks JcMagpie. The code I'm getting - showing no images is: <div class="col-sm-6 cm-pi-gallery"> <div class="piGal" data-imgcount="155"></div> <div class="clearfix"></div> </div> So the missing code should go after <div class="piGal" data-imgcount="155"> I'm not sure why its not generating it?
  7. Rosyweb

    Multiple Images in BS?

    Thanks JcMagpie. No it was me that had missed something! Although on this version ( CE . ) they don't display in the product page when there are multiple images. In the search results page (gallery) the main image still displays, but when you go into product, then no images at all display. I'll have to try and work out why that is, probably something to do with BS. I'll search the forums but if anyone has come across this please do point me in the right direction. many thanks!
  8. Rosyweb

    Multiple Images in BS?

    Just a bit of advice needed. I'm running version CE . What is the best add on for Multiple Images to run work with BS. I can see a few, but quite old addons and I'm not sure of the compatibility. I don't want the images to link to product attributes, just simply to have more than one image viewable when in the product page. many thanks
  9. This module was incorporated into Bootstrap v2.3.4.1 CE. I'm just looking for a horizontal menu without the dropdown for one particular site. I know it seems to contradict what this module is about - but can I disable the dropdown element? My attempts haven't quite worked as they should. Or is there another horizontal menu module that works with Bootstrap, that doesn't have the dropdown element built in? many thanks
  10. So - to feed back. With help from Raiwa, I've achieved what I wanted. Static horizontal menu at top appears all the time. When you click on a category then a vertical sub-menu appears just showing the level in the category you're at. I created a new module for this, but you don't have to. You could just amend bm_categories.php and the template file (tpl_bm_categories.php). Changed the function execute() to: function execute() { global $oscTemplate, $cPath, $current_category_id; $OSCOM_CategoryTree = new category_tree(); $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setCategoryPath($cPath, '<strong>', '</strong>'); // sets cateogory tree to current level only $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setRootCategoryID((int)$current_category_id); $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setParentGroupString('<ul class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked">', '</ul>', true); // defined category title - to call in template bm_categories $category_title = $OSCOM_CategoryTree->getData($current_category_id, 'name'); $category_tree = $OSCOM_CategoryTree->getTree(); ob_start(); include('includes/modules/boxes/templates/tpl_' . basename(__FILE__)); $data = ob_get_clean(); $oscTemplate->addBlock($data, $this->group); } Then I amended the template file - to only show this when a category has been selected. <?php if (!empty($category_title)) {?><div class="panel panel-default bm-nav-categories"><div class="panel-heading"><?php echo MODULE_BOXES_CATEGORIES2_BOX_TITLE; ?> <?php echo $category_title; ?></div> <?php echo $category_tree;?></div><?php } else {return null;} ?> Of course styles etc may be different on others versions. But it seems to work, so might be helpful to others. Thanks for your help Raiwa!
  11. Thank you, that's perfect and really has saved me time on this. I just need to tinker with it a little now..
  12. Thank you, that was a really simple way to do it. So what I'm trying to bring in now: left navigation now shows only the current level we're at - selected using the method you've shown me global $oscTemplate, $cPath, $current_category_id; But in the header for the left menu, I wish it to say Category: "current category name". So I need to pull in the current category name there. So it can't be just getTree, it needs to be the selected category name. I'll be looking for the variable to put, but if you are able to help or push me in the right direction that will be great.
  13. Hello, I know this is an old thread, but I'm trying to achieve this kind of thing on the BS version. Category menu on left, that only shows the sub-categories of the selected category. Has anyone been successful in altering the code to show just sub-categories of selected category in BS?
  14. Still having trouble getting mine to exclude specials, but if it works on everyone else's I must have missed something. So will try and suss out what I've got that is different.