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  1. Rosyweb

    Products listing - short description length

    That's brilliant - found it! Yes it was Frozen and in includes/modules/content/index_products/cm_ip_product_listing.php thank you Raiwa
  2. $prod_list_contents .= ' <p class="group inner list-group-item-text" itemprop="description">' . strip_tags($listing['products_description'], '<br>') . '&hellip;</p><div class="clearfix"></div>'; So in products_listing.php the above calls the short description. Can anyone tell me where the 20 words length of the short description is defined? Can't seem to find this. thank you!
  3. So trying to change the font colour on this horizontal navigation menu. I don't just want to go to inverse. I've tried every style I can, to see what is governing this. navbar-default navbar-nav dropdown dropdown-toggle none work! See code snippet below: <div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="bs-navbar-collapse"> <ul class="nav navbar-nav"> <li class="dropdown"><a href="#" tabindex="-1" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">Category item 1 text<span class="fas fa-caret-down"></span></a><ul class="dropdown-menu"><li><a href="http://www.yachtandski.co.uk/test2/index.php?cPath=22"> In the end I had to hack it and wrote the style color #FFFFF inline - which I hate doing! <li class="dropdown"><a href="#" tabindex="-1" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" style="color:#FFFFFF">Category item 1 text ---------------------------------------------- It will do for now, but can anyone shed any light on this. What style can I change a style in the css to change the colour on the main product category titles, but leave the dropdown text in black? thanks all!
  4. Whilst changing the categories button to a hamburger button was relatively simply, the styles are not. The style to edit is: .navbar-toggle this is linked to in style sheet (although also present in bootstrap.css) ext/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css but you can over-ride this by creating this style in user.css if you don't want to meddle with bootstrap.min.css. So float to left and adjust other spacing!
  5. Ok so that was relatively simple. Simply go into includes / modules / content / header / templates / catmenu.php line 27 you will find: <i class="fas fa-chevron-down"></i> <?php echo TEXT_COLLAPSE_MENU; ?> replace this with: <span class="icon-bar"></span><span class="icon-bar"></span><span class="icon-bar"></span> which draws the 3 lines of the hamburger! just need to left float this now.
  6. Thank you, that's great. Now to complete the horizontal menu it would be great it I can change the categories button that appears on re-size to a hamburger button. Of course I'll have to re-think the top menu hamburger button, but I think its better placed for the navigation bar, people are more accustom to it there. I'll post when I work out how to do this, but if anyone already has I would love to hear.
  7. I love this add on. So simple to install. But can anyone tell me, how do I now disable the vertical menu. I'm probably missing the obvious! many thanks
  8. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Yes, after moving server etc it works. Yipee! Strangely again the OSCommerce v2.3.4.1 CE I'd installed from a zip file and during the installation it had indicated the old version of php was fine, showing a thumbs up by the PHP version during the installation screens. For some reason doesn't pick up on this in the install screens correctly! Sorry I had missed this on your QTPro version Raiwa. So all good now and thanks for the help. Raiwa - just a small note on your QTPro CE Frozen installation documentation (word file). Install point 5: 5. [mandatory] In Admin =>Product Attributes => Header Tags install and configure the module "QT Pro Stock Check". needs to say in Admin / Modules / Header Tags - install QT Pro Stock Check i.e. not in Product Attributes. A typo I think but it may be worth changing this for the next update. many thanks
  9. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Thanks Raiwa. So school girl error. Its the PHP version. Strangely the OSCommerce CE Frozen installation seems to work on an earlier php than 7, but maybe all the functionality isn't there. I'm setting up on another server area where I can switch the php higher. I'll report back - hopefully this is the solution and all will then work! thanks for the pointers!
  10. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Hello Raiwa. Yes I'm using a clean CE Frozen installation. I did not modify the content modules. Everything was from the QTPro CE Frozen download and not modified. The Amended files, also I used the ones from your download, because this is a clean install so I could use your ones. I've tried turning off content modules for page product_info one by one, as you suggested. And it is only the QTPRO Options module that has a problem. So when this is turned off, content modules are loaded. When turned on, code stops at <div class="row is-product"> and the QTPro Options module is not loaded. So I'm guessing either there is a problem with the Options module file: includes / modules / content / product_info / cm_pi_qtpro_options.php (which I took from the download NEW files) or there is a problem with calling the module. Also The only Error_logs I found were in the admin folder and install, but only listed old errors from previous dates. The page is not calling the module today and no error logs are being generated for today. My hosting company also looked in their error log to see if anything is being generated. So if the Options module file is there and correct. includes / modules / content / product_info / cm_pi_qtpro_options.php What could be causing it NOT to call this? It calls all other module files correctly when this one is turned off. Any ideas? and thanks for the help!
  11. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    I have re-installed the OSCommerce version v2.3.4.1 CE and re-downloaded the QTPro CE Frozen package and re-done the install again for this. So I've resolved the back end issues with the language files, its picking those up correctly now. Everything seems to be working as it should - back end (in admin). BUT - the product_info.php page is still not rendering correctly. Yes Raiwa, it is the header showing with the main content blank. Here's my link. This is just a test site. https://www.rosweb.co.uk/alpine_mobileEdge/product_info.php?products_id=28 code stops at line 76 <div class="row is-product"> I have uploaded all the content modules. Checked and checked again. I have not modified product_info.php Any ideas?
  12. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Hello Raiwa thanks for coming back about this. So firsty, great I'm using the correct QTPro version for my installation. CE Frozen package. 2nd - in the download for this - there is no product_info.php page included in either the new files or amended ones. There is in the Edge version under amended files. Is this page missing from the download, or have I mis-understood? many thanks, my download was from and was the latest: https://apps.oscommerce.com/e317m&amp;qtpro-bs Ros
  13. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    Thank you for that reply. That's the one I've been using - but within that download there are 2 versions to choose from. CE Frozen version and 2.3.4.(1) Edge version I've tried both and neither seem to render properly. I think its supposed to be the CE Frozen version I should use, as I have OSCommerce version v2.3.4.1 CE installed. So both have CE in their names. Trying to get that to work. The first problem is on the public - product view page. Product_info.php is rendered blank. Looking at the source code, is there up till line 76 <div class="row is-product"> then nothing after that. In the admin side, looking at the modules - they're not linking to their language file properly. Have checked this over and over to make sure its in the right location - it is. Not sure why not linking to it?? But that is the least of my worries - not rendering on the public - product_info.php page is the main thing. ?? Any ideas. I have done the install about 3 times now to make sure I'm doing it right.
  14. Rosyweb

    QTPro BS

    So I think I might have made this sound more complicated than it needs to be. I have OSCommerce version v2.3.4.1 CE installed. Which QTPro download should I use with this? Any help would be gratefully received as I'm desparately trying to crack this today!