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    Featured Products MySQL Bit

    No one? Am I not providing enough information or something? Everyone that installed this contribution must have a config file like this..... if you could even just copy and paste yours in I'd appreciate it!
  2. High Sports

    Graphical Borders on RSS News

    Hey folks - must say this is an awesome contribution, probably the best I've used so far - thanks very much to everyone involved. I've got it mostly sorted however I'm looking to remove some of the original boxes from within the new curved boxes. I want to remove the one the arrows are pointing to. It seemed as if someone asked the same thing on the last page, but they seemed to sort it without there really being an answer, unless I'm dumb and missed the answer, in which case sorry! I guess you have to edit product_listing.php, which I tried but just ended up making a mess of things.
  3. High Sports

    Top 10 Contributions

    Hi folks, I'm getting towards the end of my oscommerce shop now and it occured to me to ask people their opinions on what are the most handy contributions. After all there might be something out there that few people use and I don't know about, but once I see it it'll be absolutely vital to my site! So, your opinion on what are the most useful contributions you have used? Especially ones you feel you couldn't possibly manage without! Cheers!
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    Top 10 Contributions