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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Same issue, Anyone got a fix?
  2. High Sports

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    Hi, Great contribution, it's come in extremely handy in the past and I've been using it for quite a while now, so cheers! Would anyone like to take a guess at how hard it would be to convert this to be used with manufacturers instead of categories? I've just had a quick look and although I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be doable it seems like a lot of work would be involved. Can anyone who knows more about php than I do comment? Thanks, Sam
  3. It seems the general consensus is that 2.1d is the last stable release - I couldn't tell you what the differences are myself though although I am using 'e' and I've only had one problem. It would probably be useful if some admin could go and clean up the contribution page for this module and delete all the chuff.
  4. High Sports

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi - I just had a glance through the last few pages but to be honest this thread is almost 100 pages long and I don't really know where to start!! I get the following error mesage: Is this something that is disable on my server and is stopping some of the functions such as fwrite working? Thanks in advance!
  5. High Sports

    Google Base Contribution?

    Odd I have no idea how I missed that, must be going blind! Cheers - I'll have a look over it now :)
  6. Anyone still keeping an eye on this contribution to convert the whole database to a Google Base format? Google Base This isn't something I wanted to spend a great deal of time on as I had more important things to do but I thought if I could get it working quickly it might be worth it. I had quite a few different problems with it. Has anyone else used it in the past or been involved with it? The last update was over a year ago. It seems to me like it was created a company called edgeio but they don't seem to exist in the same form any more.
  7. I'll give the earlier version a try - thanks! There's so many version of this it can be a little confusing. :D
  8. Having a weird sort of problem at the moment - I'm not sure where it's come from but this is the only contribution I've installed recently. When I go to a manufacturer page it works fine and the URL is as follows (sid removed from the end for clarity): http://www.asdfasdf.co.uk/catalog/index.php?manufacturers_id=48 However, when I click on the 'Next' button at the bottom of the page to see the next 20 results it goes back to the front end of the shop and the URL is as follows: http://www.asdfasdf.co.uk/catalog/index.php?page=2&sort=2a&mName=patagonia I've been trawling through the code but I can't seem to find where the problem is. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've had SEO URLs on for a while now but have only just noticed this little bug! The first thing that springs to mind for me is that the first page (which works) uses the manufacturer id whereas the next page (showing the home page) uses the manufacturer name, which in this case is patagonia. Cheers! Sam
  9. High Sports

    Nochex - equivalent to Paypal Pro?

    Hello again, First up sorry for bring this topic up again, but I've posted in several threads which just seem to get buried after awhile with no response. Does anyone know if Nochex has a service that is comparable to Paypal Payments PRO? I.e. where the customer can pay on my site and remain on my site, with the card verification process taking place entirely behind the scenes. I've been looking into Nochex but their payment page (like Paypal's IPN payment) doesn't allow enough customization and I think it gives an unprofessional look to be taken off site. So it seems I'm stuck with Paypal or Authorize (I'm UK based, not sure if that'll work yet). Suggestions would be... well... awesome. Again sorry for what is no doubt repetition. Sam. Edit: I'm posting this in contribs because I guess I want to know if there is a contrib - well.... I don't think there is as I've looked in the contrib section.... so info in general would be nice.
  10. Hi, At the moment I have nearly 1000 products all with small images - this was done intentionally to begin with so all my images are 110x123, but when people click on this thumbnail the image in the pop up is no bigger. Does anyone know of a contribution that will allow me to add large version of the images without messing with the current thumbs? I've been reading quite a few descriptions of contributions but I can't seem to find anything appropriate. Anyone know one that could help? Thanks. Sam
  11. High Sports

    Add larger images to an existing database?

    I think this contribution will be able to sort me out, for anyone else that is interested in doing a similar sort of thing this seems to allow you to have small, medium and large images for each product. Handy because I don't have to use the auto resize thing which will skew or stretch my high res images. Nice. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,695
  12. High Sports

    Add larger images to an existing database?

    I'm aware of that - sorry I guess I phrased it wrongly.
  13. High Sports

    Free shipping

    Wait, you said certain items - sorry I didn't read that properly, my reply was for all items.
  14. High Sports

    Free shipping

    You could go to admin - modules - shipping and choose Flat Rate... just set the flat rate to zero and label it 'Free Shipping'. Maybe that isn't as flexible as you would like, but it's the simple solution.
  15. High Sports

    Nochex - equivalent to Paypal Pro?

    Actually, just to update in case anyone is thinking of using them - I didn't use them in the end. They require £500 to be held at all times to cover chargebacks and this is something I wasn't too keen on. Paypal don't require this (as I suspect they probably just go straight to your bank account on a chargeback).
  16. High Sports

    Nochex - equivalent to Paypal Pro?

    Thanks both for your replies. Are you sure about that? From what I've seen so far with Nochex you can't integrate on your own site, even with the merchant account. You can customize the payment page on their server a bit though - not as much as I would like. I've yet to speak to someone technical from Nochex, still waiting for a reply. Decided to go with them for now anyway, I like the cut of their jib :lol: If it goes pear shaped though I'll check out those others toyicebear - thanks!
  17. High Sports

    Google Checkout

    This will be about as useful as a chocolate teapot, but I'll give it you anyway so you know roughly where you stand: Assuming Google Checkout works in a similar way to Paypal, once it has finished the transaction it should return a value to OSC letting it know that the transaction has been successfully completed. Obviously something is going wrong at this point and it isn't working. Perhaps your checkout procses is modified. Anyway, for Payal there are some contributions which create an order before the user is transfered off site - I'd suspect there's one for Google too. When the user comes back from Google or Paypal the order is updated to 'cleared' or whatever. Obviously you'd go into Google Checkout and check payment has gone through anyway. I know that doesn't help you at all, but hopefully it gives you a bit of an understanding as to what's going on. Sorry!
  18. Hey - is Authorize set up for US merchants only? I'm based in the UK. Their website isn't particularly clear on this...
  19. Hi, I can't seem to find a thread for a specific contribution (there's quite a few that seem very similar, it's really confusing!), but the contribution that's found it's way onto my computer uses a php file called allproducts.php and a printable version called allproducts-prn.php. So I think this might be it? I downloaded it months ago and had a problem with it, no one here could help me so I put it on the backburner, but now I really need to sort it out. The problem is this: The contribution prints out a list of products with categories, awesome. However, in my shop there are several sub categories with the same name. For example: Jackets has the subcategories 'Climber', 'Walker' and 'Runner'. Trousers has the subcategories 'Climber', Walker' and 'Runner'. The problem this creates with the contribution is that gets to the first instance of 'Climber' and lumps everything in a 'Climber' category into 'Jackets -> Climber'. So what I need is for it to display every category regardless of whether they have the same names as others. It's like there's a DISTINCT label in the sql query somewhere but I can't find it.... I'm convinced this is something that can be changed in about 10 keypresses but it's alluding me and has done for 3 months. Any help would be brilliant.
  20. I'll check it out - thanks a lot!
  21. High Sports

    Graphical Borders on RSS News

    Ok found out on my own as usual... you need to edit product_listing.php which is in /catalog/includes/modules/ Whenever it tries to create a box (two occasions near the bottom) - replace those function calls with: Then to remove the headings at the top such as product name or price (you can leave them in, I just don't think they're needed)... simply find the following code: and comment it out.... I haven't seen any problems arrising from this so far. It's so quiet round here it's like having my own personal forum for myself!
  22. Ok that basically shows me a list of products (A-Z) with the prices next to them... what I want to do is order them by category (parent category, not one of the sub categories). Can anyone help me please? I know what I want to do, I just don't know how to write it in SQL. Since no one is able to say whether this would be doable in this contribution I've just tried to do it myself, but to be honest I'm struggling...
  23. Hi, I have a slight problem with older versions of this contribution and I'd like to know if this version will help me before going all through the install. I have several 'top level' categories with different names, but within those categories the sub categories often have the same name (I have the same three crop up over and over again). This is at the request of the person I'm building the site for so there's no way round it unfortunately. Looking at the tables in phpmyadmin I see that it doesn't seem to differentiate between the 'level' that they are displayed at in OSC - it just seems gives them a different id number to tell the difference. My problem is this: When using older versions, if there are two different categories with the same name it just lumps all the items together. I need to see them seperately, ideally with their main heading and sub heading... e.g. "Footwear -> Climbing" and "Trousers -> Climbing". Is this possible? This is for internal use only (not for customers), so if anyone has any ideas for an SQL statement that would be sweet. I've been messing around in phpmyadmin trying different statements there but I can't get over the same problem (that and I don't know anything about SQL really). Cheers!
  24. I'm tearing my hair out here - I've tried to avoid use of mySQL things like phpmyadmin so far because they just seem so user unfriendly and I haven't got time to be mastering sql.... but the Featured Products contribution requires that I run a file to create a new table in the database. No problems there, I think I could do that... IF I COULD JUST GET PHPMYADMIN TO WORK. Man I hate this stuff. Anyway, sorry for the angst - I'm getting this error message: I looked about on the internet - tried changing the hostname to (but I thought that was the local machine?)... tried adding a bit about sockets which you can see below - this is my config file with some bits edited out: If anyone could help me out with this I'd really appreciate it, grrrrrr!!!!! Going for lunch at 11am... I feel like that guy in Office Space.
  25. High Sports

    Featured Products MySQL Bit

    Right, well I finally got it working - it's always the simple things. Despite reading what seemed like every post on the internet regarding this error, and trying about 100 different variations of the config file, it seems I was using the wrong username!!!! Typical. Not sure why this would cause the socket error but there you go. In the end I used a simple config file which I'll paste below for anyone that has similar problems to try... (although there seem to be thousands of solutions to this problem out there, good luck with that!). There was a huge cheer from my little office when it worked... quickly followed by a huge grin when I realised what I'd been doing wrong :blush: